How to Adjust Sensitivity on Arlo Camera?

How to Adjust Sensitivity on Arlo CameraHow to Adjust Sensitivity on Arlo Camera

How to Adjust Sensitivity on Arlo Camera?

All of the Arlo cameras and devices are capable of detecting motion within their close proximity. If you want to know how to adjust the sensitivity on the Arlo camera, you first need to understand the whole mechanism related to its functionality.

Understanding the functioning of the Motion detection feature on Arlo cameras

Even though all Arlo cameras can detect motion, the functioning of the same feature depends mainly on the device model.

Talking about Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Video Doorbell, Essential wire-free, Pro 2, Wire-Free, Pro and Go, the motion detection system within these devices gets triggered once the inbuilt infrared technology detects the presence of an object that is warmer than the surrounding environment.

The built-in motion sensor is highly sensitive to side-to-side motion across its field of view in comparison to a direct movement towards or away from the camera.

The motion sensitivity settings within these devices go from one (lowest sensitivity) to 100 (highest sensitivity).

On the other side, devices like Arlo Q Plus, Q, and Baby detect changes within the captured video frames while triggering motion detection alerts and video recordings to the smart device.

The motion sensitivity settings within these devices go from one (lowest sensitivity) to nine (highest sensitivity).

Additionally, the user can generate up to three activity zones, each allowing him or her to focus the camera’s motion detection towards a specific zone or area within your surroundings.

This further triggers the camera to capture random snapshots or video shots for the same motion.

Adjusting the motion sensitivity on your Arlo camera

How to Adjust Sensitivity on Arlo Camera

Adjusting the motion sensitivity on your Arlo camera

The standard procedure to adjust the motion sensitivity on your Arlo camera goes as follows:

Download and install the Arlo app on your smartphone or log in to your Arlo account at

  1. Tap or Click on Mode.
  2. Tap or Click the Arlo camera, whose motion sensitivity needs to be adjusted
  3. Tap or Click the provided pencil icon that is located right next to the sensitivity mode that needs to be adjusted
  4. In case you are adjusting the motion sensitivity of Arlo Wire-Free and Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras, Tap on Edit or the pencil icon placed right next to the settings you need to adjust
  5. Under the option ‘ Push Notifications or Email alerts if the device detects motion, Tap or click the pencil icon situated next to the given option
  6. Gently shift the slider to adjust the motion sensitivity level of your Arlo camera
  7. Click or Tap Back > Save.
  8. You have successfully adjusted and saved the required motion sensitivity settings on your Arlo camera.

FAQs regarding how to adjust the sensitivity on the Arlo camera

Q. How to adjust motion on the Arlo Pro camera?

A. the process is the same as mentioned above. You must set the required sensitivity on your Arlo camera and save it afterward.

Q. How to disable motion detection on the Arlo camera?

A. Once you reach the checkbox stating ‘Motion is detected’, you can uncheck it to disable the motion detection on your Arlo camera. Please note that the settings may differ on various Arlo devices but the steps and instructions will stay likewise.

Q. How to make sure the Arlo Pro camera motion sensor is working properly?

A. walk around the Arlo camera while making random gestures and see if it sends you the required push notifications or alerts on your smart device. If it isn’t, carefully check the motion sensitivity settings by following the abovementioned steps and procedure.

Q. How to position the Arlo Pro security camera for motion detection?

A. Position your Arlo motion-detection camera to a distance of at least 7 feet (2.1 meters) beyond the floor and make it aim slightly downward to ensure the best performance from its motion sensor.

Also, make sure that every person or subject is passing through its side-by-side field of view.

Q. How to set up a motion zone on the Arlo Q camera?

A. Tap or click on the settings icon of the Arlo camera you want to create the activity zone for. There, you can set the motion zones as per your choice and preference. Once selected, tap on Save.

Bottom line for How to adjust sensitivity on Arlo camera

Just follow the steps and guidelines mentioned above and you can easily adjust sensitivity on the Arlo camera.

Please refer to the user manual of the device or log on to Arlo Camera’s official website for further assistance.

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