How to Make a Video a Live Photo?

How to Make a Video a Live PhotoHow to Make a Video a Live Photo

How to Make a Video a Live Photo?

A Live Photo is an extremely useful feature for a smartphone. It helps you not just to capture motion but also refines the photograph extensively. So, if you are wondering how to make a video a live photo, this article is for you.

What is a Live Photo?

A Live Photo, when viewed on an iOS device with a finger held on the screen, plays a short video of the moment with ambient sound. It makes the photo look like it has come alive with a touch on the screen.

In 2015, Apple created the Live Photo format and added it first in the iOS 9 devices. The feature has been around for years now, and most iPhone users are aware of it. Besides this, the feature is also available on Android devices and is called Motion Photo.

In an iPhone, the video is recorded continuously, but in a temporary memory buffer when the camera app is and the Live Photo feature is enabled. However, this only saves the recording once the shutter button is clicked. In reality, an iPhone saves 1.5 seconds of video from before and after the shutter button is clicked.

You can easily check this by keeping the camera open and waving your hand in front of it, but right after you click the capture button. In Live Photo mode, this feature will show the hand passing in front of the camera even though the photo was taken before.

A Live Photo is a still photograph that is perfectly centered, depending on the time within the recorded video. You can easily change the still photograph by checking the captured frames one at a time, which is easy to do on an iPhone.

How to Convert Video into Live Photo?

An iOS device does not have a built-in app or any other way to convert a video into a Live Photo. However, this is possible with third-party apps.

IntoLive is one of the most popular and efficient ways to convert video into Live Photos on an iPhone. The app is ad-supported but only displays one advertisement per save, which is convenient. You can even pay a few dollars and make a one-time payment to enable Pro options and remove ads.

After you download the IntoLive app on your iOS device, here are the steps to follow to convert a video into a Live Photo:

1 – Open the App and Select the Photo

Once you have downloaded the IntoLive app, you will need to open it and browse the Library for the video you need to convert into a Live Photo.

2 – Edit the video

Once you open the video, you want to convert it into a Live Photo. You will need to select the portion of the video you want to use. You can do this by simply dragging the video preview below from side to side and finding the best portion of the video to use.

You can also trim the video from either end to make a shorter Live Photo. By pinching the screen, you can adjust the zoom and add various effects, which also appear at the bottom of the screen. You can even edit the video in advance with another app.

3 – Create a loop

Once you have selected the perfect portion of the video for a Live Photo, you will need to tap the Make button on the top-right corner of the screen. It gives you an option for a repeating loop. Remember, the free version only allows you to repeat the effect once, while the Pro version lets you repeat the effects at least 10 times.

4 – Save Live Photo

After selecting the repetition duration, you will see a small Save Live Photo button at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on this button will save the Live Photo to your phone’s photo library.

These are the four simple steps to convert a video into a Live Photo on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Use Live Photo as Wallpaper?

You can use a Live Photo as an animated Lock Screen wallpaper on your iPhone. However, if you choose a Live Photo as Wallpaper for your Home Screen, then it appears only as an image.

To do this, you must open Phone Settings and scroll down to tap on the Wallpaper option. Once you tap on the Wallpaper button, you will get the option to Choose a New Wallpaper. When you tap on this option, it opens your Media Library, and you can choose the Live Photo you want to use as the wallpaper.

Once you select the right Live Photo, you can edit and adjust the image by pinching to zoom and dragging to reposition. Make sure that the Perspective Zoom option is switched off, as this prevents the Live Photo from being animated. To confirm your choice, you need to tap the Set button, which locks the frame and saves the settings.


Live Photo is a fun way to view the best moments of your life. Using an iPhone device, it is extremely easy to convert a video into a Live Photo using a third-party app like IntoLive. This feature is also an incredible way to polish your photography skills and make more memorable moments.

Several other third-party apps besides IntoLive can also help convert videos to Live Photos, which you can find easily on the Apple Store.

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