How to Make a Video a Live Photo

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How to Make a Video a Live Photo

Live Photos offers a dynamic way to capture moments on your smartphone, blending motion and still imagery for a richer photographic experience. This guide explains how to transform a video into a Live Photo.

What is a Live Photo?

A Live Photo on an iOS device plays a short video clip with sound when you press and hold on the screen, bringing the photo to life. Apple introduced Live Photos in 2015 with iOS 9, and since then, the feature has become popular among iPhone users. Android devices have a similar feature known as Motion Photo.

The camera continuously records video on an iPhone into a temporary memory buffer when the Live Photo feature is enabled. It saves 1.5 seconds of video before and after you press the shutter button. This allows for capturing moments just before the photo was taken, even if the action occurred immediately before the button was pressed.

The key to a Live Photo is a well-centered still image extracted from the recorded video. You can directly select the best frame as the primary still photo on an iPhone.

How to Convert Video into Live Photo

iOS devices don’t natively convert videos into Live Photos, but third-party apps make it possible.
IntoLive is a widely used app for converting videos into live photos on iPhones. It’s ad-supported, displaying only one ad per save, and offers a one-time payment option for additional features and removing ads.

Here’s how to use IntoLive to create a Live Photo from a video:

1 – Open the App and Select the Video

After installing IntoLive, open the app and select the video you wish to convert from your Library.

2 – Edit the Video

Edit your video by selecting the portion to turn into a Live Photo. You can trim the video, adjust the zoom, and apply effects found at the bottom of the screen. Advanced editing can be done using another app before importing the footage into IntoLive.

3 – Create a Loop

After choosing the video segment, tap the “Make” button to select a looping option. The free version allows one loop, while the Pro offers up to 10 loops.

4 – Save Live Photo

Finally, tap “Save Live Photo” to store your new Live Photo in your iPhone’s photo library.

How to Use Live Photo as Wallpaper?

Live Photos can animate your Lock Screen wallpaper on an iPhone but will appear as a static image on the Home Screen.
To set a Live Photo as wallpaper, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Select your Live Photo, adjust its position and size, ensure “Perspective Zoom” is off, and tap “Set” to apply.


Live Photos enhance how you relive and share moments, allowing for creativity in photography. Using apps like IntoLive, converting videos into Live Photos is straightforward, adding a new dimension to your memories.
Other third-party apps, easily found on the App Store, are also available for this purpose.

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