How To Use Nikon D5600?

How To Use Nikon D5600?How To Use Nikon D5600?

How to Use Nikon D5600? – Overview

Regardless of whether you are a rookie or a professional photographer, you must have the required information regarding how to use the Nikon D5600 to gain the best out of its stunning features and settings.

The camera is probably the best DSLR under $1,000 and sports excellent image quality and performance even in not-so-favorable lighting conditions. Moreover, the following tips and guidelines can help you make the best of it initially.

Getting started with Nikon D5600

Charging the battery

The first thing that you need to do is to charge the battery of the camera. To do that, you need to open the small casing at the bottom right of the camera and insert the battery. Now plug one end of the USB charging cable into the camera and another one into the USB adapter of any power source.

Once the camera is fully charged, you can then think of using it further to capture your favorite images and videos.

Learning about the mode dial

Now, before you think about clicking a shot from this camera, you have to learn about choosing the right exposure mode. Doing this not only enables the right focus and exposure for your image but will also facilitate your photography in every aspect.

Program auto exposure– Even though it is not advisable to use the auto mode( except if you are a beginner), the program auto exposure is undoubtedly the best way to go ahead with your first photoshoot. Even though the camera will decide the shutter speed or aperture, the user still has the option to change its settings and controls according to his or her preference.

For example, if you want to change that shutter speed to avoid the camera blur, you have to turn the command dial on the left side. Doing this will also change the aperture value according to the exposure.

On the other side, if you want to get the right aperture value according to your need, simply turn the command dial on the right side. Similarly, this will also adjust the shutter speed to stay on par with exposure requirements.

Shutter speed (S)-  You can opt for the desired shutter speed by using this mode and the camera will then select the aperture. And, if you’re trying your hands at photography for the very first time, go for a shutter speed of 1/ 125 of a second. If you’re not using a tripod, doing this can avoid the camera blur in your image due to random movements by the subject or the camera.

In case you are shooting fast-moving subjects, the same shutter speed can be increased to 1/200 of a second. Similarly, it can be tweaked down to 1/60 if you’re capturing slower moments.

Aperture priority (A) – This mode comes into the picture when the camera is automatically opting for a shutter speed to bring good exposure to your image. The biggest advantage of shooting in this mode is that you get control of the depth of field to enhance the sharpness of the captured shot further.

So, if you are shooting a portrait, using a larger aperture value is highly recommended. This way, the backgrounds and foreground get slightly blurred to enhance the focus on the subject.

Manual( M) – Using this mode, the user can select both the shutter speed and aperture as per his or her preference. Now, while using this mode, you must be extra careful if you’re a beginner.

Try to find the right combination of a perfect shutter speed and aperture value to cater to the requirements of the desired shot.

Shooting a Portrait

If you capture a portrait shot Nikon D5600, please set the mode dial to program, aperture priority, or manual. Moreover, lower the aperture value to get the required depth of field. This way, the background and foreground will get a little blurred to bring along the right focus on the subject.

Shooting an Action sequence

On the other side, if you are trying to shoot action shots like Sports, dancing, or any other fast movement, you first need to adjust the shutter speed accordingly. Although the exact value would depend on the movement of the subject, you can still start from 1/ 500 of a second in the beginning.

 Shooting a Landscape

Capturing a landscape shot isn’t a hefty task, but you still have to be careful in the same respect. All you need to do is focus on the right subject and adjust the aperture and shutter speed to the requirements of the shot.

Now, while you do that, learn about adjusting the same settings according to the lighting conditions in the surroundings.

The bottom line for How to use Nikon D5600

The camera is unique in terms of its exclusive features and settings. Still, learning to use the Nikon D5600 can make it easier for you to cherish your passion for photography smoothly and conveniently.

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