How to Connect Canon m50 to Computer (using Wifi and USB)?

How to Connect Canon m50 to Computer?

Canon m50 is a single-lens autofocus reflex and mirror-less camera manufactured by Canon Inc.

This camera comes as one of the most advanced Cameras and is further designed in such a manner that it transfers the photo from the Camera to the computer automatically.

Still, to get through that process, you need to first create a setup between the Camera and windows or Mac OS.

A wired connection between Canon M50 and your computer is simple and more reliable but due to their high-resolution photos and videos may take too long to transfer.

A high-speed USB cable should do the trick (Hey! It’s on Amazon).

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Steps to Connect Canon m50 to Computer Using WIFI

Connecting Canon m50 to Computer

Step 1. Connect to WiFi Network

connect Canon m50 to Computer via wifi

How to connect Canon m50 to Computer

The very first thing you need to do is to connect both Canon M50 and your computer with the same Wi-Fi network.

Then you need to switch on the Wi-Fi button of the Camera and set up with your connection.

To enable the button, you need to press and hold the Wi-Fi button present on the Camera.

Then press the button and search for the name that you have given to your Wi-Fi network.

After doing all the above things, it will get connected with the network.

When it is connected with the same network as your computer, you need to switch on the Auto Send Images to Computer mode.

To make it readily connected, you can install the Utility 2 Software on your Mac or Windows computer.


Step 2. Pair computer and Canon m50 camera before starting to transfer your photos

connect Canon m50 to Computer via wifi

How to Connect Canon m50 to Computer – Pair Computer and Camera before you connect Canon m50 to computer

To transfer the photos from the Canon M50 camera to the computer, both of them must be paired with each other.

So make sure to start pairing them after you complete setting up a wifi connection. For pairing, you need to activate the Canon Image Transfer Utility app and then enable the Wi-Fi option.

When your camera and computer are connected to the same network the camera will show a pop-up message asking you to enter an IP address.

You need to select the Auto option and click ok. This will assign the same IP address on both Canon m50 camera and computer. Once it is done, your pairing procedure will be completed.

Step 3. Assign Destination Folder on Your Computer

Assign Destination Folder on Your Computer

Assign Destination Folder on Your Computer Before You Start the Transfer

When the pairing between the computer and the Camera is completed, you should assign a folder.

Once the m50 Camera connects with the computer, it will prompt asking for permission to transfer the photos.

But before you click ‘ok’ for it, you need to create and assign a folder to Camera so that whenever you will connect the Camera with that computer, it will automatically transfer the photos to that folder.

For all that, it is very much important that you assign the destination folder for the same to store the image on the computer.

How to confirm my Canon m50 is properly connected to my computer and photos are being transferred?

Once the connection is properly made and transferring photos from Canon m50 to the computer starts you will see the following indications

Canon m50 will start blinking rapidly

Your computer will show estimation time for transferring photos and videos

External Camera Screen

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