How to Change the Shutter Speed On Canon 80D

Shutter Speed On Canon 80DShutter Speed On Canon 80D

How to Change the Shutter Speed On Canon 80D

Canon EOS 80D was launched by Canon on the 18th of February 2016. It is a digital single-lens camera that has an MRP only on its body. It is rather similar to the Canon EOS 70D in terms of features and price range.

With the body-only kit, it’s designed with an 18-55 mm IS STM lens. Another kit with a different price offers the 18-135mm IS-USM.

EFS 18-200mm IS comes with other kits that are available at a different price range. Being a digital single-lens reflex camera from Canon, it is a pretty sturdy unit that shoots well overall.

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This 24 megapixel DSLR from Canon is an excellent example of mid-range DSLRs that offer improved feat inures like auto-focus, incredible ISO focus, and high-end dynamic range.

Shutter Speed Controls For Canon Eos 80d Camera:

There are quite a few ways to control the shutter for the Canon EOS 80D flip-out screen camera.

For a beginner who is newly into operating flip screen DSLRs, it would be sensible to start at a place that is easy for everyone to handle. Even if you are new to the Canon EOS 80D, this method is the perfect way to commence activity.

Steps for changing shutter speed on Canon 80D

Step 1.

Use the Program auto mode (P) at first. Here the camera sets the shutter speed for itself but you and go ahead and make further changes using the Program Shift feature to reset both the aperture and the shutter speed.

Press the shutter button to the half and turn the dial for the main command which is on top of the front of the camera to get the desired shutter speed.

This enables you to keep up a quick enough shutter speed to maintain a strategic distance from the object to provide no blur or pick the aperture that will convey a shallow or expansive depth of field.

Step 2.

Use the TV mode or the Time Value (Shutter Priority) mode. In this mode, you get to choose the shutter speed, and the camera picks the proper aperture for the surrounding lighting conditions.

To catch activity or motion, set the shutter speed to at least 1/200th of one second or greater than that if your subject is quick moving.

Increment the ISO on the off chance that you have to do as such. Then again, place the camera on a tripod and moderate the shutter speed to 1/60th of a second or slower to deliberately obscure development, for example, that of water cascade.

The tripod guarantees that the remainder of the scene will stay in complete focus.

Step 3.

Use the AV mode or the Aperture Value mode, but it does not allow you to select the shutter speed as the camera does so for you.

You only get to choose the aperture as is evident from the naming of this mode for the Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera. Check out the best remote shutter release for Canon 80D

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