How to Change the Shutter Speed On Canon 80D

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How to Adjust Shutter Speed on Canon 80D

Canon released Canon EOS 80D on the 18th of February 2016. It is a digital single-lens reflex camera sold as a body only or in various kits. Its design and feature set align closely with the Canon EOS 70D, offering a similar price point.

The body-only option is complemented by kits that include an 18-55mm IS STM lens or an 18-135mm IS USM lens.

Additionally, there are kits featuring the EF-S 18-200mm IS lens, catering to different budget levels. As a DSLR from Canon, it boasts robust build quality and performs excellently across various shooting conditions.

This 24-megapixel DSLR by Canon stands out in the mid-range category, providing advanced features such as precise autofocus, exceptional ISO capabilities, and superior dynamic range.

Shutter Speed Adjustments for Canon EOS 80D:

Several methods exist for adjusting the shutter speed of the Canon EOS 80D, which features a flip-out screen.

Beginners and those new to the Canon EOS 80D will find the following approach straightforward to master.

Guide to Modifying Shutter Speed on Canon 80D

Step 1.

Begin with the Program auto mode (P), where the camera initially selects the shutter speed. The Program Shift feature can adjust the aperture and shutter speed.

Half-press the shutter button and rotate the main command dial at the front top of the camera to achieve the desired shutter speed.

This adjustment allows for fast shutter speeds to prevent motion blur or to choose an aperture that provides either a shallow or deep depth of field.

Step 2.

Switch to TV mode (Time Value or Shutter Priority), where you select the shutter speed, and the camera determines the appropriate aperture based on the lighting.

For capturing movement, set the shutter speed to a minimum of 1/200th of a second, increasing it for faster subjects.

Raise the ISO if necessary. Alternatively, for creative motion blur, such as flowing water, use a slow shutter speed (slower than 1/60th of a second) with the camera on a tripod to ensure the rest of the scene remains sharp.

Step 3.

In AV mode (Aperture Value), the camera sets the shutter speed automatically, and you select the aperture. This mode is specifically designed for depth of field control with the Canon EOS 80D DSLR. Explore the best remote shutter releases for Canon 80D.

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