How to Recharge Arlo Pro Camera

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Rechargeable batteries are a significant advantage of Arlo Pro cameras, though some users have reported difficulties recharging their batteries.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to recharge your Arlo Pro camera’s battery efficiently.

Steps on how to recharge the Arlo Pro camera

How to Recharge Arlo Pro Camera

Steps to Recharge Arlo Pro Camera

Step 1. Checking the battery status of the Arlo Pro camera

First, open the Arlo app to check the Arlo Pro camera’s battery status. You will see messages indicating low battery levels for your cameras.

Naming your camera uniquely is recommended for easy identification.

After finding your camera, go to the Settings option in the app to check its battery status. Every Arlo camera is listed with a battery indicator in the app, helping you determine if it needs recharging or replacement.

Step 2. Inserting the battery into the Arlo Pro camera

Purchase compatible replacement batteries for your Arlo Pro camera. To insert the battery:

Find the rubber cover on the camera that protects the charging port as part of its weatherproof design.

Remove this cover to reveal the micro USB port. Handle it carefully, as it’s crucial for charging.

Connect the charger included with your camera to an AC outlet and ensure the other end is connected to the micro USB port. Avoid plugging the charger into USB ports, as they may not provide sufficient power for charging.

The Arlo Pro camera has a charger connecting to the USB port magnetically.

Be cautious throughout the process to avoid damaging your device.

Verify that the power supply is correctly established after connecting to the power outlet and USB port.

Step 3. Allowing the Arlo Pro camera battery to fully charge

Charging the Arlo Pro camera battery fully takes about two hours, though this can vary based on the battery and charger quality. A blue light will blink upon plugging in the charger, indicating that charging has commenced. Leave it to charge for 2-3 hours. For assurance, check the Arlo app.

Step 4. Monitoring the battery status on the Arlo app

A solid blue LED will appear on the front panel when the camera battery is fully charged. Verify this with the battery status on the Arlo app to confirm the battery is fully charged and ready for use.

FAQs on recharging the Arlo Pro camera

Q. How long does the battery last on Arlo cameras?

A. Netgear states that the Arlo Pro 2 battery can last up to six months under normal usage. Battery life varies based on usage frequency, ambient temperature, and field of view, among other factors.

Q. What is the best battery for the Arlo camera?

A. Arlo recommends using high-quality, non-rechargeable batteries supplied with your Arlo wire-free cameras or reputable battery manufacturers like Energizer, Duracell, or Panasonic for optimal performance.

Q. How to charge the Arlo Pro battery without the camera?

A. Currently, there is no manufacturer-provided method for charging Arlo camera batteries outside the camera.

Bottom line on how to recharge the Arlo Pro camera

Recharging your Arlo Pro camera is straightforward. After inserting the batteries, ensure a proper connection between the camera and the charger, and periodically check the battery’s charging status on the Arlo app.

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