How to Recharge Arlo Pro Camera?

How to Recharge Arlo Pro CameraHow to Recharge Arlo Pro Camera

Rechargeable batteries come as one of the most positive aspects of Arlo pro cameras. Still, some users have complained of facing troubles while recharging their Arlo camera batteries.

Here we are providing you with a step-by-step procedure regarding how to recharge the Arlo Pro camera. Following it, you can easily recharge your Arlo Pro camera’s battery with the utmost ease.

Recommended steps regarding how to recharge the Arlo Pro camera

How to Recharge Arlo Pro Camera

How to Recharge Arlo Pro Camera – Recommended Steps

Step 1. Checking the battery status on the Arlo Pro camera

Open the Arlo app and check the Arlo pro camera’s battery status. You will see random messages on the screen that prompt low battery levels in the provided Arlo cameras.

It is always advisable to offer it a unique name to locate the camera easily.

Once you locate the camera, check for proper battery reading by heading to the Settings option in the APP. Every Arlo camera accompanies a battery column in the app. After checking it, you can easily assume whether it requires a recharge or replacement.

Step 2. Inserting the battery into the Arlo Pro camera

You now need to buy replacement batteries and check for their compatibility with the Arlo pro camera installed at your place. Afterward, insert the battery into the camera by following the below process.

Look for the rubber bung on the Arlo pro camera that acts as weatherproof gear for the charging port.

Pull this bung to locate the micro USB port. Please be careful while handling it as it would play a crucial role in the recharging process.

Once done, connect the charger provided in the camera package to a nearby AC outlet.

Doing that, ensure that the other end is plugged into the micro USB port. Also, don’t plug in the charger to USB ports as it won’t be helping while charging a battery this big.

If you have recently purchased the Arlo pro camera, you are provided with a charger that attaches with the USB port with a magnetic connection.

Still, be careful during every step as even a little carelessness can put your device at risk.

After establishing the vital connection with the power outlet and USB port, check whether the power supply is properly managed.

Step 3. Let the Arlo pro camera battery be fully charged

Please note that getting a full charge to your Arlo Pro camera battery will take around two hours. In a few cases, the duration may increase, depending upon the battery and charger’s quality. And don’t get Once you plug in the charger to the power outlet, a blue light will blink upfront.

This confirms that the battery is getting charged, and you can leave it like that for 2-3 hours. In case you want to be double sure about the process, check for the same on the Arlo app.

Step 4. Keep checking the battery status on the Arlo app

Once the camera battery gets fully charged, it will prompt you with a solid blue LED on the front panel. Open the Arlo app and check whether it also matches the confirmation provided by the solid blue LED.
Your Arlo pro camera battery is fully charged. You can start ahead with its usage without any worries from here onwards.

FAQs regarding how to recharge the Arlo pro camera

Q. How long does the battery last on Arlo cameras?

A. Netgear confirms that the battery may last for around six months in the Arlo Pro 2( under normal usage).

Moreover, you can quickly recharge them once they drain out. Still, the duration varies depending upon several factors like usage period, the temperature in surroundings, the field of view, etc.

Q. What is the best battery for the Arlo camera?

A. For best results, Arlo recommends using high-quality non-rechargeable batteries provided with your Arlo wire-free cameras or non-rechargeable batteries manufactured by other recognized and well-known battery makers like Energizer, Duracell or Panasonic.

Q. How to charge the Arlo pro battery without the camera?

A. Every Arlo camera battery needs to be charged while inserted into the camera. No methodology is currently made available by the manufacturers to separately charge the Arlo camera battery.

Bottomline for how to recharge Arlo pro camera

Recharging the Arlo pro camera isn’t that tough. Just ensure that you establish the proper connection between the camera and the charger after inserting the batteries. Also, keep checking the battery charging status on the Arlo app from time to time.

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