How to Operate Spy Button Camera?

How to Operate Spy Button CameraHow to Operate Spy Button Camera

Operating a spy button camera is easy. All you need to do is get accustomed to its unique features and controls.

You may come across random models of spy button cameras in the market, and each of them brings along its list of specifications and functions.

After reading through this guideline on operating a spy button camera, you can quickly get an expert hand with its usage.

Recommended steps regarding how to operate the spy button camera

Step 1. Unboxing the spy button camera 

Once you start with the spy button camera’s unboxing, you will find certain add-on accessories within. The package would include:

  • A spy button camera.
  • A USB charging cable.
  • A micro SD card (optional).
  • A user manual.

As you kickstart the unboxing process, stay nice and relaxed handling the spy button camera and other accessories in the package. Read the instructions provided on the user manual carefully before proceeding any further with this spy button camera. 

Step 2. Getting started with the spy button camera

The next thing you need to do is fully charge the spy button camera. Please note that without a full charge, your device may not provide the best performance as per your expectations.

Afterward, get familiar with the spy button camera’s features and controls.

The spy button camera will sport a camera, power button, and photo/ recording button on the front plate. At the bottom, you will find a charging port.

Moreover, a tiny microphone is placed on the side plate of the spy button camera.

Besides these features, you will also find a memory card slot that will help the user store images and videos. Most of the spy manufacturers offer microSD cards in the package.

If that’s not the case, you can buy a high-quality microSD card from the market for desired results.

As you have fully charged the spy button camera, you need to insert the microSD card in the provided slot. Your spy button camera is ready for use.

Step 3. Capturing desired videos and photos with a spy button camera

After pressing the power button for 2-3 seconds, power on the spy button camera. You may witness a buzz or vibration along with a RED LED light blinking by the sides.

This confirms that the spy button camera is on stand-by mode and ready to be used further.

Press the photo/recording button for 1-2 seconds, and you can easily capture the desired photos with the utmost ease. Similarly, you can record the videos by long-pressing the same button.

Either way, the spy button camera will give you a buzzing sound with a random vibration effect.

Once you are done with the image capturing or video recording process, long-press the same button. This will stop the image capturing/ video recording process with immediate effect.

You will also witness the RED LED light in standby mode.

Few of the spy button camera offers a voice recording function that can be used by short-pressing the power button.

After completing the voice recording, long press the same button to end the process.

The video and image files can be accessed by using a card reader. You can also send the files to a smart device by connecting the card reader with the device.

You can also long press the power button to switch off the device instantly. Afterward, put the device for charging to keep it ready for the next use.

Step 4. Placing the spy button camera

You can easily hide the spy button camera by simply attaching it with your suit or shirt( like a button). You have to be careful while doing it as even a slight doubt in the onlooker’s mind can put the purpose of spying in vain.

Make sure you have a thorough understanding of how spy camera detectors work so that you don’t get caught in the act.

Most spy button cameras can be disguised as a button in your shirt or suit. Still, you just need to check for its attachment and fitting to avoid any goof-ups during its functioning. You can use some glue or tape to attach correctly with the fabric.

Bottom-line for how to operate spy button camera

Always check for the local rules and regulations regarding the usage of audio and video surveillance devices.

Moreover, opt for high-quality spy button cameras from reputed brands to ensure proper functioning and performance.

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