How to Adjust Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings?

Nikon D3400 Portrait SettingsNikon D3400 Portrait Settings

Guideline for Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings

Nikon D3400 is a great camera for enthusiasts in the field of portrait photography. The camera is small, lightweight and further delivers some exceptional portrait photos with its flexible zoom range feature.

Now, once you will try your hands on this masterpiece, you got to be sure about the specific settings and tips to get the best portrait shot with Nikon D3400. Well, you need not worry as we got you covered with the following tips and tricks.

How to Shoot Portrait Using Nikon D3400

Step 1. Mode Dial

First thing first – always remember the most significant control while using a Nikon D3400 is the Mode Dial.

You can select the camera’s exposure mode from here that will not only affect the exposure of the camera to the image but will also allow you access to other controls.

The best part of using a D3400 is, you can enjoy access to all features with the automatic exposure mode on. The options PSAM gives maximum control to your photographic fingers.

P stands for Program Auto which is a great mode to start off exploring the camera features. This feature chooses the aperture setting and the shutter speed permitting you to change the rest of the parameters, like exposure compensation.

S stands for Shutter Priority where you can select the shutter speed and the camera chooses the correct aperture setting for what it considers as good exposure.

A means Aperture Priority, this can be used to control the depth-of-field, that how much of the focused picture (from near to far) appears in focus.

M is for Manual; this gives you total control over both aperture setting and shutter speed. You can adjust any one or both settings till the exposure gauge marker is placed in the center.

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Step 2. Guide to Click a Group Portrait or Selfie

The device features a self-timer which facilitates you to get into the frame all by yourself or when you are in a group. Select the aperture mode to f/5.6 or smaller (higher f-stop number)to be sure that there’s enough depth-of-field to focus on everyone.

While shooting an action scene, make sure that the shutter speed is fast enough to freeze movement (1/200 or faster).

Focus manually, then press the Release Mode button, choose self-timer and press the shutter button and you are all set for your portrait. The camera will always beep each time to let you know whenever it’s about to take a picture.

Step 3. Steps to Freeze Action

Set the Mode Dial to S for shutter priority. Set the shutter speed depending on the speed of the shutter to 1/200 sec or higher.

Press the Release Mode button (on the right under the 4-way controller) and select Continuous shooting.

Then select the focus mode (using the Info button to access the menu) to AF-C (i.e. continuous autofocus).

The shutter should be half-pressed to engage continuous AF, anticipate the movement of the subject and when you are all set, start shooting, keeping the shutter button fully pressed.

Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings - freeze action

Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings – freeze action

Step 4. Setting the White Balance

You have to set the white balance 9 to match the given light of your preferred scene or location.

So, if you are shooting indoors while using usual lighting, set the white balance to Incandescent. On the other side, if you are counting on the flash, set the white balance to Flash.

So, if you own a Nikon D3400 and would like to click some amazing portraits in the process, simply go by the above-mentioned guidelines.

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