How to Adjust Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings?

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Guideline for Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings

The Nikon D3400 is an excellent camera for enthusiasts in portrait photography. This compact, lightweight camera delivers exceptional portrait photos with its flexible zoom range.

Once you start using this camera, it’s important to understand the specific settings and techniques to capture the best portrait shots with the Nikon D3400. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you.

How to Shoot Portrait Using Nikon D3400

Step 1. Mode Dial

First and foremost, remember that the Mode Dial is a crucial control when using the Nikon D3400.

From here, you can select the camera’s exposure mode, which influences the image exposure and provides access to various controls.

With the D3400, you can access all features in automatic exposure mode. The PSAM options give you comprehensive control over your photography.

P stands for Program Auto, a great mode for exploring camera features. It selects the aperture and shutter speed, allowing you to adjust other parameters, like exposure compensation.

S stands for Shutter Priority, letting you choose the shutter speed while the camera selects the appropriate aperture for proper exposure.

A is for Aperture Priority, which controls the depth of field, determining how much of the image appears in focus.

M is for Manual; this mode controls both aperture and shutter speed. Adjust either setting until the exposure gauge marker is centered.

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Step 2. Guide to Click a Group Portrait or Selfie

The camera features a self-timer, perfect for solo shots or group portraits. For sufficient depth of field, select an aperture of f/5.6 or smaller (higher f-stop number).

For action shots, ensure the shutter speed is fast enough to freeze movement (1/200 sec or faster).

Manually focus, press the Release Mode button, choose the self-timer, and press the shutter button. The camera will beep as it prepares to take the photo.

Step 3. Steps to Freeze Action

Set the Mode Dial to S (shutter priority) and adjust the shutter speed to at least 1/200 sec for freezing action.

Press the Release Mode button and select Continuous Shooting. Choose AF-C (continuous autofocus) as your focus mode.

Half-press the shutter to engage continuous AF. Anticipate your subject’s movement, then fully press the shutter to capture the action.

Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings - freeze action

Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings – freeze action

Step 4. Setting the White Balance

Adjust the white balance to match the lighting of your scene.

For indoor shots with standard lighting, set the white balance to Incandescent. For flash photography, set it to Flash.

Following these guidelines will help you capture stunning portraits with the Nikon D3400.

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