How to adjust Nikon D90 Portrait Settings

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Adjusting Nikon D90 Portrait Settings

Capturing a still portrait goes beyond simply pointing your camera and clicking the shutter. Achieving a sharp focus on your subject while maintaining a softly focused background is essential for a standout portrait. Utilizing a close-up lens can also significantly enhance your portrait photography.
Here’s how to effectively shoot still portraits with your Nikon D90:

How to Shoot Still Portraits With Nikon D90

Step 1. Setting The Mode Dial

Nikon D90 portrait settings mode dial

Nikon D90 portrait settings mode dial

Begin by setting your Nikon D90’s mode dial to A (Aperture Priority Auto Exposure). Select the lowest f-stop value to soften the background. Remember, the greater the distance between your subject and the background, the stronger the blur effect. If you are uncomfortable with this setting, you can opt for the Portrait mode.

Step 2. Zoom In

Zooming in on your subject increases the softness of the background by reducing the depth of field. Avoid using lenses with short focal lengths for portraits as they can distort facial features.

Step 3. Keeping the Flash Off During Indoor Portraits

Nikon D90 portrait settings flash off

Nikon D90 portrait settings flash off

It’s often best to keep the flash off for indoor portraits to ensure softer lighting and avoid red-eye. You can disable the flash by closing the built-in flash unit in Aperture Priority mode. In Portrait mode, press and hold the flash button while rotating the main command dial to the off setting.

Step 4. Putting the Flash On During Outdoor Portraits

Nikon D90 portrait settings flash on

Nikon D90 portrait settings flash on.

Using the flash can add light to your subject’s face for outdoor portraits. In Aperture Priority mode, activate the flash by pressing the flash button. Use the fill flash setting in Portrait mode. For nighttime shots, consider slow sync mode or the red-eye reduction filter.

Step 5. Focusing and Exposure Metering

Nikon D90 portrait settings exposure metering

Nikon D90 portrait settings exposure metering

For autofocusing and exposure metering, press the shutter button halfway. Ensure the active autofocus point is on your subject. If needed, switch your lens to manual mode for precise focusing.

Step 6. Shooting The Portrait

Nikon D90 portrait settings - shooting

Nikon D90 portrait settings – shooting

Once satisfied with the setup, capture your portrait by fully pressing the shutter button. The Nikon D90 offers exceptional capabilities for portrait photography, allowing for both ease of use and high-quality results.

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