How to Reset Nikon D3400 to Factory Settings

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Resetting your Nikon D3400 to factory settings can effectively solve various issues or start fresh with the camera’s settings. This process will restore the camera’s settings to their original state as if they were just removed from the box. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to perform this reset:

How to reset Nikon D3400 to factory settings

Restoring Default Settings On Nikon D3400

Step 1: Selecting The Shooting Menu

First, access the shooting menu on your Nikon D3400 to begin the reset process. Navigate the menu options until you find the “Reset shooting menu” selection. Activating this option will revert all settings related to shooting back to their default values.

Step 2: Selecting Set Up Menu

Next, proceed to the setup menu to continue with the reset process. Within the setup menu, look for the “Reset setup option.” Selecting this will adjust all settings within the setup menu back to their original factory defaults.

Step 3: Choosing To Reset All Settings Option

You can reset all settings on your Nikon D3400 for a more comprehensive reset. This is done through the setup menu as well. Scroll through the options until you find “Reset all settings,” and select it. This action will restore nearly all settings to factory defaults, with exceptions for Language, Date, Time zone, and Guide.

Step 4: Looking After The File Number Sequence Option

It’s essential to pay special attention to the File Number Sequence setting after performing a reset. File Number Sequence’s default setting is usually “Off.” However, for continuous use and to avoid potential issues with file naming, it’s advisable to re-enable this feature by navigating back to the respective setting and turning it on.

Step 5: Default Settings For Options Not On The Shooting Menu

Resetting the shooting menu also affects several settings not directly listed under this menu, such as flash compensation, exposure compensation, flash mode, release mode, and selected focus points. Additionally, the AF L/AE L button settings will revert to default. To re-customize these settings, you must adjust each option according to your preferences.

By following these steps, you can successfully reset your Nikon D3400 to its factory settings, allowing you to configure the camera from a clean slate or solve any persistent issues you may have been experiencing.

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