How to Activate Windows 10 Game Mode?

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How to Activate Windows 10 Game Mode? – Overview

These days, most of the gaming freaks are making the best use of the game mode available on Windows 10 to further enhance their overall gaming experience on Windows 10.

By doing this, they can use the available add-on features and specifications of Windows 10 to get the best out of their gaming sessions.

For using the game mode, the players must turn it ON during every gaming session.

The game mode feature in Windows 10 utilizes the existing system resources and add-ons to boost the gaming experience of the user.

Purpose of Windows 10 Game Mode:

The game mode helps the games to run in a smoother pattern. Besides that, it further allows the user to get along with their gaming sessions without any unwanted interruptions.

The game mode is the all-new feature in Windows 10 that is designed by the creators for boosting the resources of the system. It also enhances the quality of the games while limiting the background tasks.

Activate game mode by following these steps:

Step 1.

Open the Start menu. Do so by clicking the Windows icon that is available at the bottom left of the Desktop. You can also open the Game Bar by pressing the Windows icon key and the G key simultaneously.

Step 2.

Once the Game Bar opens, you will see a series of seven icons. These icons control a variety of features.  For the Game Mode icon, you have to go to the gear icon. It will open the Settings menu.

Step 3.

How to activate Windows 10 game mode

How to activate Windows 10 game mode

Now click the Gaming button available under Windows Settings.

Step 4.

The Gaming window will open. You have to click Game mode to enable the Game Mode feature.

Step 5.

Toggle to the button marked as “On”. It is under the option to Use game mode. To ensure that the game mode is on even for your next gaming session, you have to click on the Settings gear.

As it opens, click to checkmark the box labeled “Use Game Mode for This Game”.

Steps 6.

Click X which closes the window.

There’s yet another method, especially for enabling Game Mode in the games you play. Read on to find more.

 The game mode will automatically get enabled in all the games that you play on Windows 10 PC once you follow the above-mentioned steps.

In certain cases, the operating system fails to recognize the game that you are playing. This usually happens when you are playing with the old titles.

Microsoft does not give the convenience of listing the games that are supported by game mode.

You can manually change the Windows 10 settings for turning on the game mode for any particular game. You can do this by remembering that the application you are in is a game itself.

To do so, you have to open that game while it is running on the system and then open the game bar to launch the game.

Do it simultaneously by pressing the Windows + G keys on the keyboard. It becomes the keyboard shortcut for setting the game bar on the game bar.

Now click or tap the settings button. It will look like gear and you can find it right in the top right area of the game.

The following pictures will give you a highlight of how the settings steps look like in Tom Clancy’s Division 2 games. Since it is a relatively new game, we have taken it as an example.

How to activate Windows 10 game mode

How to activate Windows 10 game mode

Here you can see it for the Warlords Battlecry 2. This is a relatively old game.

How to activate Windows 10 game mode

How to activate Windows 10 game mode

Regardless of newer or older games, you just have to use the General tab and check the “Remember this is a game” setting.

Now exit the Game Bar overlay. You can do so by clicking somewhere outside of the window. The other way is to press Windows + G once again.


  • Should I enable game mode for better playability?

In case your reaction time is great and the preferred game is fast, up to a speed of 1/100 of a second, we will suggest you switch on the game Mode. It will help in the attainment of a competitive edge.

  • Should you enable the game mode to reduce my input lag?

The mode will typically remove unnecessary video processing as much as possible. Sometimes it will also reduce the lag by half or even more.

  • How to fix the ‘Game Mode on my device not working problem?

Fixing it is quite an effortless task. You have to check that the Game Bar, as well as Game Mode, is enabled in Windows 10’s.

Again, double-check that the Game bar is on. Once you have checked it as  enabled, go to “Gaming > Game Mode.” There, you will find a switch, “Use Game Mode.” > Turn it On.

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