How to Use Canon PowerShot SX530 HS?

How to Use Canon PowerShot SX530 HSHow to Use Canon PowerShot SX530 HS

How to Use Canon PowerShot SX530 HS? – Overview

Big things mostly come in small packages and Canon Powershot SX530 perfectly justifies this notion. Still, you must learn how to use Canon Powershot SX530 HS to make the best use of this tiny beast. Now, before you jump onto the detailed tutorial, you must first have a look at its amazing features and controls.

This camera comes as a perfect choice if you are looking for a small camera with a high-end zoom lens, and that too at a reasonable price. Moreover, its lightweight and DSLR-like body will make you capture stunning shots and videos without any lags.

Getting started Canon PowerShot SX530 HS

The camera comes with certain safety guidelines and precautions that are mentioned in the user manual. Do read them before putting this camera to use and you can avoid all the unwanted heating issues or electric shocks.

Additionally, you have to charge the battery that comes separately from the package. To do that, take out the battery from the package and insert it into the battery case placed at the top right portion of the camera.

Once done, charge it with the provided USB cable and AC adaptor. After the camera gets fully charged, remove the AC adaptor from the power source.

You are then required to set the date and time and along with the language selection, the same information will display with the camera stand on every time.

Moreover, the details will be updated with the captured shot and videos and will inform you about the date and time along with a sequence when she’ll power on the camera and will get the option to select the required date and time using the arrow keys to make a selection and press the function said button to confirm the selection

Adjusting the camera settings

To shoot still Images

If you’re putting your hands to the camera for the very first time trying to use the SMART AUTO feature. This way, the camera would automatically select the required settings to capture certain videos or images.

Opt for the AUTO mode by selecting the AUTO button located on the top right plate of the camera. Afterward, place your focus on the subject and then you’ll get to hear a click sound from the camera. This confirms that the focus is rightly set on the subject.

Certain icons and image stabilization modes will be displayed on the top right of the camera screen and these will help you to make certain adjustments with the subject on focus.

The Zoom feature of this camera is quite amazing but you still have to be a bit careful while using it for the required shot.

Gently press the shutter button halfway down and you will hear two beep sounds to confirm that the focus has been set on the subject. Now press the shutter button fully, and you will hear a shutter sound confirming the Shot has been captured.

Recording videos

If you want to record the videos, you just have to press the MOVIE button located on the top right of the SMART AUTO button. The camera would give you a beep sound confirming the start of the recording process.

Moreover, the REC icon will also be displayed on the screen. Once you are done with the video and want to finish up with the recording process, gently press the MOVIE button again and the camera will now give you two beep sounds confirming the same.

Viewing the images and videos

The images and videos captured from the camera can be viewed by getting into the PLAYBACK mode which is located on the left side of the SMART AUTO button.

Gently press it and it will then take you through to the most recently captured image or video.

Use the arrow keys to scroll down between the images and videos you want to view. In case you would like to edit or delete any image or video, just opt for the given option and make the selection by using the arrow keys. Please note that the image or video cannot be recovered afterward once deleted.

The bottom line for How to use Canon Powershot SX530 HS

The camera is relatively easy to use and handle and you need to make yourself familiar with its easy-to-navigate features and controls. Also, the above guidelines regarding Canon Powershot SX530 will prove helpful in the same respect.

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