What is League of Legends? Is it Worth Playing in 2024?

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Are you thinking of playing League of Legends for the first time? Maybe you’ve just finished watching Arcane on Netflix. Or you might be looking for a new game to play and decided to try League out.

Whatever the case is, you’re here because you want to know more about this game. What exactly is League of Legends? Is it too late to start in 2024? How many players are still active? Is it even worth playing? 

I know you have a ton of questions, and that’s exactly why I’m here. In this article, I’ll help you learn more about LOL with my years of hands-on experience, and at the end of it, you’ll be able to decide if this game is for you.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that offers action-packed, intense, fast-paced, and thrilling team-based gameplay. Even with rival games like Dota 2 and Overwatch, LOL is still dubbed the reigning King of MOBA.

Play solo or with up to 4 more friends. Pick a character from a diversified pool of “Champions” with different skill sets and uses, and team up to destroy the enemy’s base or Nexus while defending your own. To do this, you must make your Champion stronger by killing minions, monsters, and enemy Champions. 

Get a team boost by slaying Dragons and Barons. All these will give your avatar gold and experience points, strengthening them and taking you closer to your goal of wrecking their base.

LOL is a magnificent fusion of action, strategy, skill, and teamwork.

Is League of Legends Worth Playing In 2024?

Definitely yes! League of Legends has evolved and changed a lot since I started playing in 2015. Currently, it is still one of the best and most fun play games I’ve ever experienced. But it’s also one of the most complicated ones, as there is no linear way to learn or play the game.

As a new player, I had so many doubts about getting into a game as complex as League of Legends, and I know you’ve got a ton of questions as well. But don’t worry because I’m here to address all of your doubts and hesitation as to whether LOL is still worth playing in 2024

So, let’s take a closer look at League of Legends from a veteran player’s perspective and discuss its pros and cons.

Reasons Why You Should Play League of Legends

Free to play and not pay to win

LOL is 100% free to download and play. Download the game, create an account, and start playing immediately. This game’s system requirements aren’t high even with smooth and polished graphics. Here are the specs your PC needs to have to be able to run LOL.

League of Legends: Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-530 / AMD A6-3650
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • VIDEO CARD: NVidia GeForce 9600GT / AMD Radeon HD 6570 / Intel HD 4600 Integrated Graphics (DirectX 10)
  • OS: Windows 7

The game is purely skill-based, and it doesn’t give rich players any actual edge or advantage in-game. The stuff you can buy with real-life money is mostly cosmetics, which only change your Champion’s appearance and do not have any significant effects in-game.

Runes and basically everything that actually affects your gameplay can be bought using Blue Essence, which is the in-game currency you can earn through playing. Champions can be bought quickly with real money but won’t give players any advantage without mastery over them.

Learning and mastering a small pool of Champions is more beneficial than having access to more of them without any idea how to use their kit properly. Quality over quantity my friend.

So, if you don’t have a dollar to spend in League of Legends, it won’t be a problem as you can still enjoy the game fully.

Wide Variety of Awesome Champions

From samurais, assassins, robots, gunners, and archers to giant monsters, bugs, and even cosmic beings. Buffed men and sexy chicks, cute tiny creatures or mountain-sized ones, fairies or weird creatures, LOL has it all. 

So, no matter your gender, personality, or personal preferences, with over 160 available characters called “Champions”,  this game definitely has something to offer you.

There are over a thousand skins to customize your favorite character’s appearance, and if that isn’t enough, all these characters come with their own lore that is a part of the larger and main story of the game. So, if you’re into reading stories, give this game a shot. They keep adding more characters; we can only expect this wide champion pool to grow.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

The absolute basics of the game are quite easy to pick up, and LOL is easier than other MOBAs out there, like Dota 2.  Some tutorials are simple to follow and they are beginner-friendly. 

Because of LOL’s matchmaking system, you don’t have to worry about being destroyed by a veteran who has been playing for over a decade. So you can have fun while learning the ropes and enjoy getting better with matches against players at your skill level. 

Naturally, the longer you play, the better you will get at this game. But don’t worry about being bored later because you’re already too good. No, sir, with the replayability of this game, that won’t happen anytime soon.

I’ve been playing for over 8 years, but I am far from reaching any skill or entertainment ceiling. The only downside here is you won’t be able to quit.

Even if you play on the same map almost every time, each and every game would be a different story. Yes, you will improve, but with the wide variety of champions and different roles and play styles, you can always find another way to step up your game.

From the mechanics and combos to rotations and your game IQ, there is a lot of room for improvement, which will give you a new and exciting challenge even with thousands of hours of gameplay.

Allows Both Competitive and Casual Gameplay

There are times when you are extra motivated to rise above, and you are looking for a competitive environment, while sometimes you just want to kill some time or relieve some stress with a casual game or even troll around. LOL can give you both experiences with its ranked and normal gameplay.

Needless to say, LOL has a very competitive environment. With its ranking system from Iron to Challenger, players of different skill levels try their best to climb the ranking ladder. So, if you want a competitive environment and intense gameplay, you will enjoy LOL’s ranked games. 

Even if you’re someone who dreams big and wants to make it to the professional gaming scene, LOL got you covered. Its largest tournament, called Worlds, is definitely world-famous and worthy of its name, with over 5 million live viewers worldwide in 2023!

On the other hand, if you just want to play a fun and casual game without worrying about heavy competition, you can always play normal games. These games won’t affect your ranking, and you can always have fun here. You could try or practice new champions, experiment with strategies, or troll around and laugh your heart out with your friends.

Common Doubts for New LOL Players

1. I’m too far behind

League of Legends is already 14 years old, and we can expect veteran players to be on a different level. You might be thinking that you’re already too late and are too far behind. You may be worried that you won’t be able to catch up with more experienced players and you’ll be left in the dust amidst players who have put in several years into this game.

However, keep in mind that League of Legends is not an RPG. Players don’t gain any in-game advantage no matter how long they grind or play LOL. They have access to more Champions, but as we discussed, that’s not really an advantage.

Plus, League of Legends is more beginner-friendly now. With the introduction of Champion and Skin Shards, you can now unlock Champions more quickly than when I was grinding for them. Runes and Masteries don’t have to be purchased anymore. A few years ago, we needed to spend a boatload of BP to unlock these game-changing buffs. But now, both beginners and old players have equal access to them.

Every new match is a clean slate with equal resources for every player. In terms of skill, experienced LOL players are more efficient and strategic in taking these resources. But, thanks to LOL’s matchmaking and ranking system, you’ll be matched with players that are on your skill level.

2. Toxic Community?

No game is perfect and LOL is no exception. With the competitive environment of the game, players tend to be too competitive and hate to lose. Although most players are friendly, expect some trash-talking, flaming, and tilting. 

Players tend to overlook their own mistakes and blame them on others. There will always be that one guy, or even girl, that would type like crazy the entire game to make you feel bad because of a mistake you didn’t even make. 

If you don’t want to listen to these kinds of players, don’t worry because there is always a mute button. That’s why I love the “/muteall” command. This will allow you to block their messages so that you can focus on your game and have a good time. 

3. Trolls and Smurfs

After a few games, you will notice some players aren’t fun to be around.

Sometimes, there will be trolls and grieving players who will ruin your game by intentionally getting killed, trapping their teammates, or rage-quitting. They may be on a lose streak or just find it fun messing with other players. 

Don’t worry because players like these are not very common, and if you happen to encounter one, you could deal with them by reporting them after the game. LOL has a punishment system for this type of player, and they try their best to provide their players with a better experience.

Also, there are Smurfs, or experienced players who play on lower ranks or create new accounts and play with weaker players. But don’t fear because these players won’t be sticking around your rank for long, and with a few more games, and matchmaking will put you up against players who are more suitable to play with you.


When Did League of Legends Come Out?

Riot officially released League of Legends on October 27, 2009. This means that it’s already been around for 14 years and still remains one of the most famous video games worldwide. I’ve been playing LOL since 2015, and it never ran out of fresh content and exciting updates. This is one of the reasons why players stay and keep coming.

How to Uninstall League of Legends?

If you decide that League of Legends isn’t for you, you can just uninstall it. Press the Windows Key or go to the Start Menu. Then, open the Control Panel, select Programs and Features, and Uninstall League of Legends.

Alternatively, you can also go to the folder where LOL is installed. Then, look for the Uninstaller, which is usually “uninstall.exe,” launch it, and follow the on-screen instructions to delete the game.

Enter Summoner’s Rift

So, is League of Legends worth playing in 2024? The answer is yes!

It has been one of the best and most fun games of the decade and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The pros of LOL make it a really enjoyable and addictive game, while its cons are continuously solved and fixed by Riot Games.

So, grab your best buddies and join the League of Legends. Playing with friends has significantly enhanced my LOL experience, and it will surely do the same for you. 

The game is free to install and play, so you won’t lose anything from trying it. So what are you waiting for? Download it now, start playing, and I’ll see you on the Rift, fellow Summoner.

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