How Rare is Rooted Dirt in Minecraft?

How Rare is Rooted Dirt In MinecraftHow Rare is Rooted Dirt In Minecraft

Rooted Dirt in Minecraft

A Rooted Dirt Block (Java Edition: block.minecraft.rooted_dirt; Bedrock Edition: is a rare resource you can find in the world of Minecraft.

The main reason this block is difficult to locate is that it only spawns beneath Azalea Trees and in the ceilings of Lush Caves. In comparison with other similar kinds of blocks that you can mine anywhere, acquiring rooted dirt blocks can be a time-consuming process from the start. You’ll need to be in the right conditions, environment, and specific locations in the seed to come across the sources of rooted dirt blocks.

Where to Find Rooted Dirt in Minecraft

How Rare is Rooted Dirt In Minecraft

How Rare is Rooted Dirt In Minecraft – Where to Find Rooted Dirt in Minecraft

Azalea trees are uncommon in Minecraft, to begin with, and it would take a little more time for you to find one on a particular world seed. These trees will spawn in empty spaces above the Lush Caves. These trees are cool as they will grow like a bush at first but will be a huge tree when cultivated.

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Having these trees around your base will certainly give it a cool look and buy you more time to find one on a particular world seed. These trees will spawn in empty spaces above the Lush Caves. These trees are cool as they will grow like a bush at first but will be huge trees when cultivated.

These trees around your base will give it a cool look. Growing these trees will be possible because you can cultivate and grow one of them with Azalea or Flowering Azalea Bone Meal. Once the tree is spawned, a block of rooted dirt will immediately replace the block at the base where the tree has grown.

You can then find Lush Caves underground, at a height of approximately 56 feet. Caves can be a great source of unique resources, so if you are looking for certain resources you need for whatever crafting you have planned, it is worth spelunking. And, of course, the adventure will include discovering rooted dirt blocks on the cave ceilings, where Azalea trees naturally spawn.

Adding to the challenge in relation to acquiring rooted dirt blocks will be venturing into these caves. Once you’re in a cave, you have no idea what to expect. Therefore, it would require a little bit of preparation on your part, as you may encounter unexpectedly large numbers of hostile creatures spawning in that environment.

How Rare Are the Rooted Dirt Blocks?

Due to the reasons mentioned above, it is fair to say that rooted dirt blocks are definitely a rare resource in Minecraft.

However, not all is doom and gloom, as we can attest to this and have already experienced this when playing Minecraft over the years. As we all know, all of the recent updates were implemented to cater to our evolving needs, much to our delight as players, and it is worth noting that one of the updates in the past few years—Part 2 of the Caves and Cliffs update that was released back on November 30, 2021—has made rooted dirt blocks more acquirable. That particular release brought about the abundance of different biomes in lush caves we can explore.

Now, in addition to the good news above, when the base of azalea trees turns into a rooted dirt block, it won’t be just a one-time occurrence, as rooted dirt blocks can then spawn a couple of blocks away in all four main horizontal directions, with the base as the center.

Finally, once you’ve found a rooted dirt block, the collection is fairly easy, as you can get it by using any of the tools you have, or if there are none or you’re really broke, you can just savagely go at it with your own bare hands. It is kind of fun to work on it this way as well.

Yes, the only other option available—if we can consider it an option as it is only available in a certain mode—for you to acquire a rooted dirt block aside from underneath Azalea Trees and lush caves is in Survival Mode, where you can purchase the resource from the Wandering Trader with the trade value of two blocks of rooted dirt for one emerald. You can also take this route for what it’s worth.

Different Uses of Rooted Dirt

Because nothing grows on rooted dirt blocks, they are an essential resource in your base building and other projects that require you to connect one to the other. Using the shovel on rooted dirt blocks will serve as your perfect and distinct dirt paths.

If you’re also into the jungle-themed vibe, using bone meal on rooted dirt creates a hanging root block, which will look cool when integrated into your designs.

In addition, rooted dirt blocks can also be used to enclose areas of mycelium and grass, as these surface coverings can’t grow on the block surface, so you’ll be able to create boundaries that are neat to look at and will make your world crisp.

A home can also be used to separate roots from rooted dirt. Once hit, the rooted dirt block will turn into a regular dirt block. The roots will be separated and become a drop item called “hanging roots.” Hanging roots have different uses and will greatly help you as you move along, so it is nice to have the item in your inventory.

By using any of the water containers (Water Bottles, Splash Water Bottles, or Lingering Water Bottles) on rooted dirt blocks, you will turn the former into a mud block. If you’ll need a ton of mudblocks for building and you are short on them, then this conversion method will come in handy as you can maximize whatever resource you have and won’t cause any unnecessary delays.

On a related note, you can also compost hanging roots for a 30% chance of increasing the compost level by one. The percentage is a bit lower compared to other conversion rates when using other materials, but having that option is still kind of good to have.


In summary, yes, rooted dirt blocks are rare and a bit of a chore to acquire. Rooted dirt is as rare as Azalea Trees and Lush Cave biomes. However, the collection process can be enjoyable, and most of the time, going through the process, experiencing things, and working hard on it—rather than the end result—is what makes it worthwhile, especially when playing THE BEST GAME EVER, Minecraft.

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