Canon EOS Rebel T7 Lens

Canon EOS Rebel T7 lensCanon EOS Rebel T7 lens

Familiarize yourself with Canon EOS Rebel T7 lens: A step-by-step tutorial.

From auto-focusing to manual focusing, learning about your new Canon EOS Rebel T7 lens is a whole lot of fun. The camera has been quoted as one of the best DSLR cameras for beginners.

This lens can be different from the one you have handled in its sibling which is T5i (one of the best Canon flip screen DSLR cameras).

Exploring the lens manual for better specifications will help you.

Even if you cannot handle the lens like most vlogging or photography professionals, knowing about the basics shall help.

Read the following part of the article to know better about the detailed specifications of handling the lens.

How to shift from auto to manual focus functionality with Canon Rebel t7 Lenses

If you have to autofocus using T7 / 2000 D lens, you have to set the lens to automatic or manual focus by slowly turning the focus-method switch on the lens.

Therefore, AF stands for autofocusing and MF stands for manual focusing.

  • Autofocus – To use this function, you have to half-press and hold the shutter button.
  • Manual focus – First, you have to set the lens to MF and move the focus ring barrel until you can focus the object. Here, the position of the ring may vary depending on the lens that you use.

In some lenses, even when using the autofocus option, you can manually set the option to sharpen the focus. Here also after setting to AF, you can fine-tune focus on moving the ring.

You can get this feature on the lens that is labeled with AF/M.

In case this labeling is missing from your lens, you should not move the focus ring unless you have to set the lens to a manual focus function. This may often damage your lens when not used in the right manner.

Using zoom lens functionality in Canon EOS Rebel T7

A zoom lens will have a movable zoom lens that enables adjusting the focal length of the lens. Whether you wish to zoom in or out, you have to rotate the focus ring.

On a contrasting note, some lens does not have a movable zoom lens. In such cases, you have to move the lens barrel towards the camera body or away from it to adjust the focal length properly.

How can you use image stabilization?

Some Canon lens has these features that prevent any damage caused when you shake the camera while holding it in your hand. If you move the camera while focusing on any object, it can result in blurry images.

Here, by turning on the image stabilization option, which is IS for short, you can sharpen the image. Therefore, using a lens switch, you can turn on or off the image stabilization function.

In another camera lens other than Canon, this function may come under different labeling such as vibration compensation, antishake, and the like.

Adding to this, two types of image stabilization options are available, which are named active and normal.

Normal is preferable for everyday shooting whereas active is suitable in places where you have to capture lots of motion such as shooting while you are in a speed boat.

However, you have to understand that image stabilization functionality is not meant to eliminate image blur. It can be handled by adjusting the right shutter speed.

Technique to move a lens

If you are handling the lens for the first time, you have to be careful when placing or removing the lens from the camera body.

You have to switch off the camera and then press the lens release button and hold it. To detach it correctly from the camera body, you have to move the lens towards the shutter body of the camera and slowly it will come out of the camera.

Make sure that you put the protective cap on the lens. If you are not using the camera or putting another lens on the camera, you should cover the lens mount with a lens cap.

How is Canon EOS Rebel T7 suitable for beginners?

For beginners, Canon EOS Rebel is among the popular and top-notch DSLR cameras. This model is better than its successor and it is offered at the least expensive rate possible.

With a high-quality imaging sensor in this model, it is perfect to buy for beginners. With this, beginners can grasp better insight into various facets of capturing a perfect image.

By using a different lens, the photographer gets the scope to express themselves in different ways through the proper use of telephoto, fisheye, angle, tilt-shift lens and others.

To have better knowledge of photography and use a DSLR camera in the right manner, Canon EOS Rebel T7 is the best option. It is more than its price providing a better world of photography that may not be accessible on smartphones.

How choosing the right lens is important?

Similar to most rebel models, Canon Rebel T7 also features APS-C sized sensor. It indicates that CCanon’s EF, EF-S and MP-E series of lenses are compatible on the run with Canon EOS Rebel T7. The focal length that you select will capture a scene that is equivalent to a 1.6x longer focal length.

To get the best picture quality from a camera with high resolution, you have to choose the right lens that will be used in front of the camera.

With better resolutions, it can help magnify any problems with the camera lens used. So, with a better lens, you can expect to get better image quality.

Autofocus system of Canon EOS Rebel T7

This is an entry-level camera and the entry-level autofocus system can still perform better with phase detection ability. The autofocus system works fast and gives the best outcome.

The above-said camera model requires a lens that comes with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or wider. Compatible lens work is great for video recording, including Canon lens series like EF-S, EF, MP-E, and TS-E.

If you have a tight budget when buying a camera lens, you can try a large sensor coupled with a low-budget lens that gives incredible video output by using shallow DOF along with the available light.

Therefore, considering the features mentioned above, the video qualities alone are worth the cost that one has to pay for the camera and the Canon lens kit.

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