What Is Floodlight Camera?

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Gone are the days when a person was required to place two separate devices- a floodlight and a security cam for both lighting and security purposes in his/her vicinity.

With the arrival of all-new floodlight cameras, you now have the privilege of getting two benefits in one device.

What is a floodlight camera?

A Floodlight camera is a deadly combo of high-quality floodlights and security camera features that help you keep an eye on your backyard, home, office, or any other preferred vicinity.

These can easily replace the existing wired floodlights and get connected to the junction boxes without many issues.

What else? You can control these floodlight cameras with your Smartphone device by just downloading an app.

What can you do with the app?

It varies from one manufacturer to another and generally, you can do activities like controlling the lights, triggering the siren, and zooming in to focus on the desired areas at your comfort.

What are the benefits of installing a floodlight camera?

Two –in- one functioning

There was a time when people were required to install a floodlight and a security camera separately to safeguard their properties and assets.

With the advent of the floodlight camera, you can get your purpose sorted with one device only.

Greater area coverage

Floodlight cameras cover a larger area as compared to conventional security cams and this is where they are deemed more useful than the latter.

Easy to use

As these cameras and lights can be controlled via an app, you can easily monitor and adjust the features and functioning of the floodlight cam right from a comfortable spot.

Security alerts

Once these floodlight cams detect any undesirable movement within the coverage area, they will send you an instant alert on your Smartphone device.

This can help you to get alert even when you are at a distance from your place.

Factors to consider while purchasing a floodlight camera

Now that you know ‘what is floodlight camera’, let’s look at some of the key factors you need to consider before making your purchase.

Area under coverage

The first thing that you need to consider is the area that you would like to bring under the coverage of a floodlight camera.

Once you have made up your mind in that regard, purchase the floodlight camera that best serves your purpose.

Features and specifications

The next thing that you have to check is the features and specifications of the floodlight camera you are purchasing.

There are floodlight cams that come with conventional bulbs or LED bulbs and the latter ones come with better lighting quality.

There are floodlight cams that boast infrared motion sensors that instantly help you detect any unwanted motion within your vicinity.


The best floodlight cam can be easily installed or mounted in the preferred location and you have to consider this factor also before making a purchase.

Also, look for different colors, styles, and builds that suit rightly with your property or asset.

Summing it up

We hope that by now, you have got all your questions answered in regards to ‘What is a floodlight camera’.

Keep watching this space for some more information and updates on your favorite security devices.

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