How to set up the Ring Floodlight security camera?

How to set up the Ring Floodlight security cameraHow to set up the Ring Floodlight security camera

The Ring Floodlight security camera is surely the best way to secure your assets from any kind of theft or robbery.

Still, the overall task of installing the Ring floodlight security camera requires some good patience and effort.

So, if you have just purchased the device and are worried about ‘how to set up ring floodlight security camera ‘, here we are with a detailed list of steps to help you out in the same process.

Steps to set up ring floodlight security camera

Step 1.

Position the camera properly as per your requirements

You are required to mount the ring floodlight security camera 9 feet above the ground, with the motion detector placed parallel to the ground.

This needs to be done to allow the camera to detect any human-sized objects to 30 feet.

Step 2.

Mounting the camera carefully

You must be considering the following precautions before the mounting process,

  • Ensure that you are comfortable with the installation of the floodlight security cameras as the same might require you to deal with high voltage electricity
  • In case you are not that comfortable, stop right now and contact a licensed electrician
  • You must also be aware of the local building setup and different wiring codes

Once you are through with the following precautions, time now to switch off the power to the floodlight camera via the breaker box. While you do that, do check that you are picking the right breaker.

To ensure that the power is turned off in the breaker box, try using a circuit tester to check the electricity through the wires. If the junction box is metallic, make sure to test it as well.

Afterward, you are required to rotate the light fixtures (after loosening the knobs) to make way for the mounting screws. You have to rotate the camera to a 180-degree angle

As you have powered off the breaker, you now need to remove the existing floodlight from the junction box while carefully disconnecting the wires. Remove the bracket attached to the junction box(if any) as well.

Once done, it’s time now to install the mounting bracket right on the junction box while keeping the two posts leveled up with the ground.

Now carefully pull the wires through the middle part of the bracket while attaching the given bracket to the junction box with the help of at least 2 screws.

Now use a hook to gently hang the camera right from the bracket while also connecting the wires.

Place one end of the hook carefully into one of the mounting holes of the camera and the other end to the holes given in the bracket.

You will see a copper ground wire from the camera that now needs to be connected to the green ground screw on the bracket.

Besides that, you also need to connect the existing ground wire to the junction box. Once done, you now need to use a supplied wire nut to join the wires.

As you are using a wire nut, carefully connect the white neutral wire of the camera to the neutral wire of the junction box.

Follow the same process to connect the hot wire from the junction box to the black hot wire of the camera.

Most of the time, the coloring of the wires inside the junction box is the same but if it isn’t, check with an expert about the hot wire and the neutral wire.

Once all the wires are connected, you now need to push them via the big opening right in the middle of the bracket while unhooking the camera.

Furthermore, you need to gently align the mounting posts via the holes on the camera and press them firmly.

After being through the process, tighten the screw cap nuts with the given orange screwdriver handle and try loosening the light adjustment knobs and lock collars to set the lights at your preferred angle.

You are now required to switch on the power from the breaker box. After it’s done, you will see the lights turning on with the camera prompting you for being in the setup mode.

Step 3.

Setting up the Ring camera in the app

After setting the Ring floodlight security camera, you now need to do the same in the Ring app, which can be downloaded from the play store( for Android ) and App Store ( for IOS devices).

You will then be asked to create a new ring account ( if you are a new user) or log in to the existing account.

Once done, go by the following process:

  • Follow the instructions in the app to create an account
  • Select ‘ Set up a device’ and then choose ‘Security cams’ from the same option
  • Scan the QR code that is there on the device or the product packaging
  • Specify your location
  • Name your device
  • Connect to your device
  • Pick a wifi network now and connect the device to the same
  • Test your device once to check for its proper functioning.

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