Bkav Dispatched its First Batch of AI View Security Cameras to USA

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Bkav, a leading technology enterprise based in Vietnam, officially dispatched its first batch of AI View security cameras to the United States, which is the most challenging market for security devices in the world.

After their arrival in the United States, the cameras will be installed at Qualcomm Incorporated (San Diego, California) headquarters. Moreover, the next batch of the same security cameras is expected to arrive in the country by the end of the current year.

Are These AI View Cameras Safe and Efficient?

Before taking their first steps in the United States market, AI View cameras have breezed through random assessments and further acquired the FCC Certificate. This certificate is given by the Federal Communications Commission and is applicable to every radio frequency emitting device and electronic product delivered or sold in the United States.

FCC authentication is additionally an assurance that the item will be acknowledged in different sectors and markets. Besides, the AI cameras of Bkav also go well with the ONVIF standard, guaranteeing that the item will be viable with well-known video management software systems like Milestone, Genetec, etc. Bkav Corporation has also come on board with the Open Security and Safety Alliance (OSSA) and big brands like Bosch, Qualcomm, and Hanwha, and appears to be one of the 150 organizations in the world that are deemed fit for offering Image/Video Analysis Solutions.

Mr. Tommy Le, Bkav Vice President of Business Development in the United States, expressed his joy in the same regard. As per him: “At the central command of Qualcomm, AI View will be available in a critical undertaking of its shrewd city arrangement technique. Bkav has the principal request after over 3 months of entering the United States. This is an enormous advance that insists on our capacities and our item’s predominance. From here, we have the establishment to additionally create in this market, aiming at the situation of Top 5 driving camera producers on the planet”.

It’s worth mentioning here that Bkav comes as one of the first companies in the world that have successfully integrated Artificial intelligence (AI) technology into security cameras. Regarding the current trade situation, Bkav Corporation has spearheaded its efforts to emerge in the global markets with the best of its efforts.

Bkav has emerged as a recognized technology corporation that has marked its presence in the cybersecurity world and gained more than 10 years of experience in the smartphone manufacturing industry. Bkav has rapidly developed cutting-edge technologies in security camera manufacturing and integrated AI into their line of cameras. Cameras coming with artificial intelligence (AI) of Bkav possess high quality but still cost 20% less than the famous security cameras manufactured by big European brands.

Why AI security cameras better than the other lot?

In contrast with ordinary cameras, AI cameras help the user save some good money on servers and transmission. AI-powered image data processing occurs in real-time, and that further means that the camera doesn’t need to pass on the information to the server. Consequently, the users can save some good time for image processing without putting any threat to their privacy.AI View cameras come on board with some exquisite features like face recognition, individual tallying, social distance, face mask detection, fire detection, automatic number-plate identification, car park space detection and so on.

Along with the United States, Bkav is advancing through to launch their projects regarding AI cameras in India, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, and some other countries. Speaking of India, Bkav is thinking of entering into random projects on toll stations, smart cities, smart schools, smart lakes, etc.

About Bkav

Bkav (Bkav.com) is a well-recognized technology enterprise in Vietnam which works in cybersecurity, software, smartphones, smart homes, and AI cameras. In Vietnam, Bkav is among the most popular brands and is known to offer high-quality services. The organization is additionally acclaimed around the world for recognizing loopholes in notable technologies like Google Chrome, Face ID of iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 iris recognition, and so on Bkav’s antivirus and mobile security software programming has marked its presence over the world with 86 millions of downloads and over 20 million users in 234 countries.

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