What is a Fintech Company?

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What is a Fintech Company – Overview

If you are wondering what a fintech company is, this article will answer all your queries.

What is Fintech?

Fintech or financial technology is generally used to explain some new tech that needs improvements. These emerging technologies have the potential to automate the supply and usage of financial services.

Different companies, business owners, and consumers use fintech for the better management of their financial operations.

What is a Fintech Company?

A fintech company is a service provider. Different software development organizations can also be listed under fintech. They offer integrations and cloud-based solutions to companies that provide financial services.

Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning-based document processing, RPA, NLP, and business analytics are widely used in these companies.

Several fintech segments like big banks, digital wallets, insurance companies, and AI-based mobile banking platforms are multiplying with time.

Most of these companies are backed by a solid market and diversification of their products. They are also scaling with large investments.

These fintech segments hire highly skilled professionals from the background of deep learning engineering, AI learning, IT management, software DevOps, and security in a large number.

How Modern Connections are Influenced by Fintech Players?

According to McKinsey, fintech is the portmanteau of technology and finances. It generally represents a collision of these two worlds and an evolution in the financial world for using technology.

Fintech can be categorized into four areas like digital leading techs, payment techs, digital wealth techs, and blockchain. These sectors are fastly growling and have technological disruptive nature.

There is a tremendous amount of revolution in the world of fintech services and the areas they offer. The arrival of techs like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science has made this process faster. 

Examples of a Few Fintech Companies and Their Nature

Here we are going to talk about some of the fintech companies and how they operate.

OpenSea: Domain: NFT

It is the biggest fintech company for all crypto entities and it generally contains virtual items, several collectibles, art, gaming pieces, and products that are supported by blockchain systems.

They have a revenue of $1.2 Bn this year and a backup of $427 M. 620 highly qualified employees are currently working for them.

Digital Currency Group: Domain: Fintech

This company focuses on using its network for making and helping blockchain and digital currency to increase growth and achieve a better financial experience. The total funding for this company is $1.3 Bn this year and the revenue is $1 Bn. They have 67 employees working for them.

Stripe: Domain: Payment Platform

They deal with several products and services like billing, invoicing, payments, and in-person payments. They also deal with fraud and risk management, online identity verification, carbon removal, and many more.

$95 Bn is the total funding and $7.4 Bn is the total revenue for this company and the manpower is 4000 plus.

One97 Communications: Domain: Payment Platform

One97 is more popular by the name of Paytm and has a valuation of $5 Bnit deals with mobile payments, e-commerce payments, and e-wallets to make transactions.

Emerging Tech and Fintech

Emerging Tech is always important to reduce all the risk factors and keep things secure.

Financial Clouds

FCS was initially formulated to support wealth management. With time now it has been enhanced to explore some other areas as well. The execution lies in a custom-made system that can help agents, bankers, advisors, and other users to provide a better way to their clients.


Using a digital form of payment is more popular in this era. Accepting payments via blockchain is making cryptocurrency more popular. 

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) Role in Finance

AI has a vast area to work on, from enhancing the user experience to providing some extra security. Fintech companies are building up new products based on artificial intelligence and disrupting the market.

Cross-border Payments

Any transactions between two entities from different countries are called cross-border payments. It can happen between company and individual, person to person, company to company, etc.

A few examples of CBP are prepaid debit cards, Paypal, Paper Checks, international ACH, etc.

Mobile Wallets

This is an electronic version of the services that involved bank accounts or transactional products like debit cards or credit cards. It is considered a more convenient and protected way to utilize and carry your assets.

Things that Need to be Taken Care of

Certain things are needed to be taken care of.

Legal Paperwork

Hiring a lawyer and making some legal paperwork is necessary to have a clear idea about the project and to avoid any kind of misunderstanding or cheating in the future. If all the clauses that the company needs to follow are fixed before, things will be less complicated.

Maintenance and Safety

Using proper encryption is important to protect important data from hackers. The encryption should be maintained with the same effort to avoid complications.


Without proper KYC there will be a high chance of intermingling the data and creating chaos.  It can cause high regulatory fines.


Tech companies can tie up with bigger brands to avoid the hassles and regulations. It will help the entity to be active in smoother transactions and financial terms.

Wrap up

The fintech market is always growing and expanding its market with time. Different fintech companies are trying to develop new products using advanced tech to make things smoother.

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