Best Antivirus for iPhones

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Best Antivirus for iPhones

Although it’s highly unlikely that your iPhone will get infected by malware compared to a computer, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely immune.

Whether it’s annoying ads, malicious websites, web trackers, or someone using your phone without your knowledge, there is a lot to be worried about if you have an iPhone, and this is where antivirus applications and programs come in handy.

Most big antivirus brands have specially designed offerings for devices running the iOS operating system, which is Apple’s mobile OS for iPads and iPhones.

Downloading and installing some of the best antivirus apps for iPhones can protect you from local hackers and web threats.

What’s more, these applications have additional features such as cloud backup and high-end identity theft protection.

Do note that not all antivirus applications deliver on their promises. However, we have found a couple of them that deserve your attention; let’s discuss them more in detail.

1. Avast Security

Best Antivirus for iPhones

Best Antivirus for iPhones – Avast Security

If you’re searching for the best iPhone antivirus application, it almost certainly doesn’t get better than Avast Security. Avast is still one of the top anti-malware and security solutions providers for desktops, and its apps have an equal measure of power and reliability.

Apart from the anticipated real-time antivirus protection and thorough scanning, the Avast Security app also blocks malicious websites to avert hacking.

What’s more, there is a feature for checking Wi-Fi networks to ensure it’s safe; if not, you will get a notification. There is also another feature that confirms you’re using optimum privacy and safety settings.

The Avast Security app for iOS has two tiers; free and premium. The premium option gives you access to additional features such as a photo vault to protect your images, as well as an online identity scanner to ensure your mail and password aren’t being shared online.

2. Avira

Best Antivirus for iPhones

Best Antivirus for iPhones – Avira

Avira is one of the most reliable desktop antivirus engines, and although the Avila Mobile Security app doesn’t have the same malware-checking focus as the desktop version, it’s still packed with numerous handy features.

This app has phishing protection which does a fantastic job of blocking malicious web pages, which is an excellent step in maintaining your online safety.

You also get an Identity Safeguard which scans your email address and your contacts to see whether they’ve been leaked online; is so you’ll be alerted to a possible security breach.

Avira Mobile security app has a Contacts Backup feature which can protect your contacts by emailing the contents to yourself or directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. Bitdefender Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for iPhones

Best Antivirus for iPhones – Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender’s Mobile Security app is free and dedicated to keeping your info secure. It features account privacy, VPN, and web protection.

It masks your online presence by encoding all internet traffic and safeguarding your device while you’re connected to cellular data networks, public Wi-Fi hotspots, among other public Wi-Fi networks.

This app has a web safety feature that blocks malicious websites targeting your credentials, such as debit card details or social security numbers. What’s more, this application will reveal if your email account has been disclosed or privacy infringed upon.

4. McAfee Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for iPhones

Best Antivirus for iPhones – McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security has a couple of features that come as standard, including anti-theft, contacts back up, and safe local storage for your media files.

However, don’t let that put you off; this app still has some extra tricks up its sleeve.

There is a Media Vault that stores your photos and videos. What’s more, you can directly take pictures or videos from the app and have them routinely encoded and stored in the vault. In addition, you can open the vault with Face ID or Touch ID.

This application has anti-theft features which are thorough, and they can help activate a remote alarm even in silent mode or track your phone on a map.

5. Norton Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for iPhones

Best Antivirus for iPhones – Norton Mobile Security

The Norton Mobile Security app is ideal for iPhones owing to its top-tier protection against online threats.

It has a very accurate web safety feature that blocks malicious websites as well as prevents dangerous downloads and phishing scams.

This app will automatically scan all Wi-Fi networks you connect your phone to and give them a security rating. This is especially handy for iPhones because you take your phone everywhere and run the risk of connecting to a risky public Wi-Fi network.

The Norton Mobile Security app will connect the integrated VPN if a network isn’t safe. This means you don’t have to be concerned about safety, and once you are out of the Wi-Fi network’s range, the app will automatically turn the VPN off.

Final Thought

As you might have guessed, the best antivirus apps for iPhones aren’t all about virus detection rates because Apple has viruses pretty much locked out.

You need to take a couple of things into account, such as additional features and tools compatibility.

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