Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Android

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Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Shooting high-quality videos seem pretty easy these days, you can even do it on your phone, but to edit them you’ll need powerful software.

Video editing software requires a lot from a device, with computers it requires a lot of RAM, high specs and from you, knowledge on how to use that software.

But as the technology progress,  video editing apps have started to come out, and many content creators, from amateurs to professionals are now doing DIY video productions on their phone.

Yes, these apps may not be as good as video editing software for computers, but some of them are doing a pretty good job.

We’ve checkout and reviewed some of the most popular apps available, and come up with our Top 5 picks.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you’re familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, this is a cut-down version of it, but a pretty powerful one.

The good thing about this app is it has multiple tracks on its timeline for video and audio, whereas in other apps they’ve only got one.

Having multiple tracks on your timeline allows you to stack on layers and gives you more control over how you will edit your video. It also has a wide range of file types that it supports.

It has built-in presets, filters and texts that you can fully customize to your taste; but that’s not the best part. Adobe Premiere Rush is a cross-platform, cross-device application.

This means you can transfer your files from your phone, and continue working on your computer, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using iOS, Android, MAC or PC, Your files are going to work perfectly. It’s seamless editing.

It has a free trial version, that allows you to export up to 3 videos. 

After that, you’ll have to get a subscription, and it doesn’t work for all android devices, you’ll have to check the list of compatible smartphones for this app. Perfect for beginner to advanced as its interface is pretty easy to understand.

2. Kinemaster

Considered as one of the best video editing apps. It offers you a wide range of controls and options for editing your videos.

Some of which you can only see on desktop video editing software. It has multiple tracks on its timeline which is great, gives you control in arranging the sequence.

It has equalizers, advanced keyframing, chroma key features, which also let you do a split-screen.

They have assets stored within the app for music, effects, filters, animations. The problem with it is it doesn’t give you an option for a customized aspect ratio. It only has 3 options, and color grading is pretty basic.

It has a free version that lets you export 720p videos but with a watermark. For paid version, it allows you to export until 4k with no watermark.

I would recommend this for people creating YouTube videos, vlogs, social media videos, can also be used for short films with little to no effects. The free version is limited to 720p and comes with a watermark. 

3. InShot

If you want simple, fast editing done. You can do it on this app. It allows you to do basic editing, like trimming, fading in and out, it has a huge amount of customized effects and filters that you can apply. You can add music, stickers.

You can edit photos and create collages. This app is beginner-friendly and just about anyone can use it.

It only has a single track on timeline and doesn’t have advanced features like Rush or Kinemaster. It’s free, but your export will have a watermark, though it can be removed by watching an ad.

If you’re annoyed by ads and don’t like to waste time watching, you can pay for the fairly cheap app.


Have you ever used an app thinking it was free, and when you’re about to save your work it asks for payment or ends up having a watermark? VLLO lets you use their app for free with none of those.

It has a powerful feature such as an adjustment layer which is usually found in desktop software.

The adjustment layer is where you can apply effects, color grading, etc, then everything under it or anything that aligns with it on the timeline will have those changes applied to it. 

It has a great amount of color grading, it only has a single layer on the timeline but that’s fine, it has visuals of the audio waveform which is cool. It has free graphic transitions that you could use.

For anyone who’s on a budget and looking for a good tool to use, this is it. Install VLLO now! It lets you export your video up to 4k quality for FREE and without watermark, but you know how it is with free apps it will have ads.

You can pay for it to be removed and go premium which will unlock all transitions, text effects, labels, and other advanced features of this app.

5. Cyberlink Powerdirector

It’s a great editing app on Android, it’s simple and easy to use, effortless editing on the fly.

A beginner-friendly app that has a decent color correction tool, large file compatibility, has multiple tracks for audio and video, has in-app purchases as well as free texts, transitions, effects, filters, music that are already good to use.

The downside is once you started working, you can’t switch to a different aspect ratio, so if you’re working on a 16:9 video, you cant easily switch to 1:1, you’ll have to start over again.

The free version allows export up to 720p with watermark, paid unlocks all features and lets you export up to 4k videos.

There are many other video editing apps online, but these are what we think will give you more creative control over your videos. Try them out and let us know!

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