How to Edit Videos On Windows

how to edit videos on windowshow to edit videos on windows

If you own a PC or desktop with Windows OS and want to know about how to edit videos on windows, there’s a bit of extra focus and determination that you need to put in place for the whole process.

Specifically, if we talk about windows 10, it brings along an in-house video editor that works more or less like a Windows moviemaker.

You can easily trim the videos or even produce your own short movies and slideshows. Furthermore, this feature lets you create your own customized videos without any hassles.

This amazing feature is located in the Photos app and allows you to edit or trim your favorite videos quite easily. That said, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to get along with the video editing task.

Recommended steps for how to edit videos on windows

Step 1. Open the video in the Photos app

The first thing you need to do in the same respect is to open the video file you want to edit in the Photos app. To get started, simply right click the video file from the file explorer and opt for Open with > Photos.

The video file will now open in the Photos app and you are now required to click ‘ Edit and Create’ on the toolbar. You will come through a number of video editing tools on the same toolbar. Choose the one that suits right to your purpose.

Step 2. Getting started with the editing process

Let say you want to cut or trim down a part of the video clip. Just choose ‘ Trim’ from the menu. You just need to drag the handles of the playback bar in order to pick the part of the video you want to keep.

Gently drag and use the blue pen icon to carefully check every portion of the video. Furthermore, you can also playback the selected portion of the video by clicking the ‘Play’ button’

Once you are done with the same process, simply click ‘ Save a copy’ to save the copy of the trimmed portion of the video.

In case you don’t want to proceed with the trimming process, just click ‘ Cancel’.Do remember that the Photos app put the edited video file in the same folder with the original file. Moreover, the file name would also be similar.

For example, if the original file is named as Nature.mp4, the trimmed one will be saved within the same folder with the name NatureTrim.mp4.

Step 3. Using other add-on editing tools

Beside editing or trimming the video file, you can also add several other effects and features to your video file. There’s an ‘Add Slo-mo’ tool that allows you to slow down the speed of a particular section or portion of your video file.

There’s also a ‘ Save Photos’ tool that enables you to pick a particular frame of the video and save it as an image instead. You can use the ‘ Previous Frame’ and ‘ Next frame’ buttons placed at the bottom of the window for choosing a specific frame of the video file.

You will also see a ‘ Draw’ tool that allows you to draw on the video file, There will be options namely pencil, ballpoint pen, eraser, calligraphy pen and so on. Whatever you draw on the video would appear as it is and then vanish out after few seconds.

There’s another tool named ‘ Create a video with the text’ or ‘ Add 3D effects ‘ that allows you to bring some more effects and options to your video file. You can also opt for the ‘ Add to a creation’ tool at the top left corner and then opt for ‘ New video with music’ to add musical effects.

You can also get along with the custom video project option by directly running the photos app from the Start menu. Once done, you just need to click ‘ Create > Custom video with music ‘ the home page of the app.

Summing it up

You can easily edit or trim any video on Windows 10 by using the tools and features mentioned above. Furthermore, you can also find random options to add certain effects and new dimensions to your video file.

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