How to Edit Videos On Youtube?

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Editing Videos on YouTube Studio

If you are new to YouTube and want to learn about how to edit videos on YouTube, there’s a lot to learn for you in this blog.

Similarly, efficient video editing holds the key if you are a video marketer and want to increase engagement with your targeted viewers with some flawless videos.

Now, the thing is, not everyone can afford to buy all those high-end video editing software.

Still, YouTube offers a web-based video editor that allows you to edit and trim your videos without spending a penny.

Why should you use a video editor?

No matter if you are shooting videos for fun or official purposes, editing plays a key role in providing that perfect touch to your video shots.

There may be a few parts within the video that haven’t gone well and you don’t want to bring those forward to your viewers.

In other cases, you may have accidentally shot a place or location that is subject to permission from respective authorities and you now need to take that part out from the video.

Regardless of the purpose, you can do all that stuff quite easily while using the free video editing facility provided by YouTube.

Recommended steps for how to edit videos on YouTube

Step 1. Sign in to the YouTube studio

Before going any further with the video editing task, you first need to sign in to the YouTube studio while keying in all the required credentials.

Step 2. Click on ‘ Videos’ on the left side of the menu

After signing in to the YouTube studio, you now need to click on the ‘ Videos’ option that is provided at the top left side of the sidebar

Step 3. Click on the thumbnail or the title of the video you want to edit

The next step requires you to click on the title or the thumbnail of the video that you would like to edit.

Step 4. Click on ‘ editor’ from the left menu

Once you have selected the thumbnail or the title of the video, click on ‘ Editor’ from the same left menu.

Step 5. Edit the video as per your requirement

You can now trim or edit the video from the beginning to the end, according to your requirements. For a start, click on the ‘ Trim’ option available next to your video’s timer.

Afterward, you will see a few blue and white lines on the side panels of your timeline.

Gently drag those to trim or chop the parts of the video that you don’t want to include in the final version of the video.

Once done, click ‘Preview’ to check on the changes done by you in the video. Once you are sure of the same changes, just click ‘ Save’.

Step 6. Trimming the mid-part of the video

Suppose you want to chop out a mid-section of a video. Select ‘ Trim’ once again. Now go to the timeline panel of your video and click the beginning part you would like to trim or chop.

Once you decided on the same, click ‘Split’.

Now follow the same process with the end part of the video clip and you can easily chop the unwanted part without any issues.

Once you are done with both parts, click on the blue line at either end of the clip and drag it to the other side. Your video has now been trimmed and you can check the changes by clicking on ‘ Preview’.

Once you are sure and satisfied with the changes made to the video, click ‘ Save’.

Step 7. Adding an End screen to your trimmed video

Once you are done with the desired changes on the video clip, you can now give an option to your viewers to watch a related video or playlist at the end part of the clip.

Furthermore, you can also ask them to like, share, and subscribe to the video by following the same process.

To get along with the process, just click on ‘ Add an end screen’ on your timeline panel.

Summing it up

You can attract more views and engagement by carefully editing your YouTube videos.

This way, you can chop off all the unwanted info or instances in your videos and make only the relevant part visible to your targeted audience. Remember, the sound is the most important component of YouTube videos.

Make sure you choose your microphone for YouTube videos wisely.

Furthermore, keep checking this space for all the latest technology-related updates and information.

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