What Is the Best Smart TV to Buy? A list to help you make the right choice!

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What is the best smart tv to buy

With the advancement of technology and adaptation by people, lifestyle has completely changed. Now a day, the phones are smart, the kitchen is smart, and even the HVAC is smart to work efficiently and stay comfortably.

With all the advanced gadgets in hand, it is also time to spend quality leisure time at home with some amusement and entertainment.

It can be only experienced by many watching their favorite game of soccer or baseball or soap operas or listening to the news on a smart TV. Yes, televisions have also become lively these days with a host of features that were beyond imagination even a couple of years ago.

If you are planning to purchase a smart TV, and then decide on the best buy smart TV available in the market as on date and enjoy watching your favorite channel. Let us discuss some of the best smart TVs available in the market and come to a conclusion of the best among them.

The Smart Ones

While penning down about the best buy smart TV, it is difficult to differentiate one from another. However, let us consider the features of various brands and try to come to a decision.  Although smartness is a perception and not a conclusion, let us first have insight on what to look into smart TVs.

While purchasing the best buy smart TV, one should look for the resolution, support, interface, and ease of use.

One should always look for a smart TV that has 4k resolution, supports videos from various websites, and have a user-friendly interface. It should also be user-friendly so that one can efficiently operate the set and enjoy the show.

  • TCL 50S425, 50 inches 4K Roku TV

This model of smart TV from the house of TCL is feature-rich with 4k resolution. The picture quality gets support from the HDR10 feature.

It comes with three HDMI ports, one USB port. There is an Ethernet port and one Optical Audio Out port. With so many ports in the model, one can connect various external gadgets.

With a 50” screen and the ROKU interface, it gives on-screen access to multiple apps. This feature-rich TV with a user-friendly operative remote is priced much cheaper than the other brands and is in high demand in the market.


If you are looking for a giant screen best buy smart TV, then this model of SAMSUNG has a screen size of 55 inches.

It is one of the best TV from the manufacturer with 4K UHD 6 resolution and QLED screen. The Q technology in the TV allows watching live programs without any disturbance.

One can download the required apps to see videos of choice from the various steaming site.

One can voice search the channels, and there is no need to press the remote every time to switch to other channels. Like all Samsung TVs, the picture quality is outstanding as the Q engine optimizes every aspect of its working.

  • Insignia NS-43DF710NA19

It is also known as the Insignia Fire TV. It has a 43-inch screen and provides 4k ultra-HD picture resolution that gives a high-quality picture.

One can view every detail of the image as it is broken down to more than 8 million pixels. With the high dynamic range, the image comes in true color without any distortion.

Like every smart TV, it gives access to all services. With Amazon Alexa incorporated in the Insignia Fire series, one can convert the set to a smart hub for the home.

There are three HDMI ports to connect any external device like a gaming console or the cable box. One has the option to select between 43, 50, or 55-inch screen sizes to watch crystal clear pictures.

  • TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 Fire TV

Toshiba has partnered with Amazon with this model of Fire TV that has a 4K HDR resolution.  It comes with Alexa to manage the operations.

The remote control has few buttons as the TV can be operated through voice commands. The model has quick access buttons to run the apps.

It is compatible with all Alexa-controlled devices at home. The price is much less in comparison to other models of smart TVs.

But the apps are cluttered with advertisements by Amazon. It is quite disturbing while watching some of the exciting shows.

  • Sony XBR55A9F Smart TV

While searching for the best buy smart TV, many people have the experience that the picture quality is good, but the sound quality is poor.

But with this model of Sony that has 4K resolution with PRO OLED display, there is no compromise in sound. It is an Ultra HD TV and has a screen size of 55 inches.

The Acoustic Surface Audio that is patented by Sony the sound of the TV comes from the center and is smartly synced with the images. 

It has a built-in Chromecast, and voice control features with the support of Alexa. With features like Sony SideView, forget the remote and control the TV with your Android or iPhone.


Considering all the features and factors of the above models for best buy a smart TV, Sony XBR55A9F Smart TV has an edge as there is no compromise with the sound.

This model of Sony has all the latest features that a smart TV should have in it. However, the price of this model is on the higher side compared to other models.

But when one wants to have all the best features, including sound in a single piece, then the price charged by the makers is justified.

None of the above brands and models can be ruled out of the best buy smart TV list. But when one is compelled to choose the best amongst them, the model by Sony has little advantage over the others.

For someone, the sound may not be a factor, but to a perfectionist, it matters a lot. Perfection is indeed a part of being smart, although it is a relative matter. Buy the best according to your choice and budget.

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