5 of the Best Sony Smart TVs available in the market right now !

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We are very close to our TVs in our everyday lives. While Cartoon shows like Doraemon used to be an integral part of our lives in our childhood, the rush to see the shows on TV at the designated time every day still lingers.

The simple functionality of the traditional TV sets has gradually changed with the advent of apps.

After these applications hit the market, individuals slowly began moving from the standard TV sets with daily shows to the internet for these applications.

Instead of waiting every day for the shows, people started to prefer freedom in watching whenever possible. This slowly led to the advent of smart TVs.

Smart TVs are several notches higher in technology than traditional TV sets.

It contains normal channels from the service providers along with integrated internet and intelligent web highlights. These highlights enable you to tune in to music, peruse the web, and watch motion pictures on the web, thus substantially increasing the functionality of your TV.

Presently you can even save the shows on your TV memory to watch them later. It is a union of set-top boxes, PCs, and standard TV sets. Smart TVs also provide various other features, for example, On-demand streaming media, home networking access, online media, etc.


In smart TVs, there is a preloaded working framework. This working framework or operating system accompanies the set-top box.

The majority of the applications are on the gadget, yet you can download apps independently from the application store and even update or uninstall it.

These smart TVs allow watchers to watch client-created substances and provide access to interactive features. Thus even web applications like YouTube can be seen on TV.

Consequently, smart TVs enable the client to watch essential substances from the service suppliers alongside the web substances.

With more up-gradation, smart TVs are now carrying speech recognition services and other interactive features. Even payment features are currently applicable in smart TVs which have changed the image of TVs.


Sony, the multi-national Japanese conglomerate, has been in the market for decades. It is one of the most popular brands for electronics and is present all over the world.

One of the leading products of Sony was and still is television. Sony television products have been dominating the market for a long time and even now the smart TVs by Sony are one of a kind.

The best Sony intelligent TVs are as follows-

1. Sony Bravia A8G 55

It is one of the most prestigious flagship smart TV from Sony. The TV has a 55-inch screen with a 4K display. The high-definition display helps in projecting a clear picture with cinematic sound throughout the living room.

The TV has an OLED screen which allows it to render dark screens expertly. The OLED display has more than eight million pixels offering crystal clear 4K pictures.

In addition to everything, smart TV boasts a Dolby Vision and IMAX Enhanced, making it an experience like a movie theatre.

It also has Google Assistant for more interactive features along with Android TV to easily navigate other devices and applications. It is one of the best buy, Sony smart TVs.

2. Sony 900F

One of the best combinations of size and quality of TV from Sony is the Sony X900F. It has a 49-inch screen along with a 4K display.

Compared to its size, the 4K display is quite good and colorful with Sony’s HDR X1 Extreme Processor. The smart TV has a high picture contrast.

With a good picture quality, the intelligent TV boasts even a better sound system. The smart TV has IMAX Enhanced audio, fully enhancing the sound system and giving excellent clarity.

Since Sony is also a gaming company, the intelligent TV hosts useful features for compatibility with high-end gaming too. This is one of the best to-buy Sony smart TVs.

3. Sony XZ9F

This beast of a smart TV has a 65- inch bright display and 4K Ultra HD clarity. It is from the Sony “Masters” series. It has a premium price tag, and the TV has a bounty of features.

Smart TV has a built-in Chromecast, perfect for streaming through a smartphone or a tablet. The unique features for Netflix, Alexa, and Google Assistant boost the features of the TV.

It also has Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor making it a best buy Sony smart TV.

4. Sony XBR55AF

Another flagship Sony smart TV offers a 55 inch 4K Ultra HD display with an all-around feature of high technology. The TV is full of technology, including an inbuilt Google Chromecast for streaming video from smartphone or computer to TV.

It also has, Sony side view, Miracast to mirror anything from smartphones or tablets, Alexa, and Google Assistant for voice control navigation. These are just the tip of the iceberg as the TV also boasts an incredible 4K Ultra HD display with High Dynamic Range and a 120HZ refresh rate.

This aspect gives an excellent and bright presentation. Even the Sony Surface Acoustic Audio Technology provides a realistic and clear sound. Stunning pictures and realistic sounds make this TV a best buy Sony Smart TV.

5. Sony X750F

This smart TV is a mid-range TV from Sony Company. Although it is not a high-end product like other TV, it provides excellent value for the money.

The TV has a 55-inch screen along with a 4K ultra HD display with superb color and contrast.

It has an excellent picture quality, but it is just not that. It has a running Android TV and Google Assistant with a dynamic sound and display system. It boasts many features compared to its price range and has a high overall device quality.


From the above list, Sony Bravia A8G 55 is the best to pick. Sony has always kept itself updated with evolving technology, and Smart TV from Sony shows that. From premium to mid-range models, Sony has it all and is also of excellent quality.

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