6 of the Best Smart TVs

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Best Smart TVs

Before the inception of web-based shows and apps, television was the main entertainment center in our lives.

We could’ve easily vouched for the anticipation to watch those daily shows every day at a definite time. In our modern world though, keeping time aside like that in our busy lives is a luxury, so with the advent of the internet or web-based shows and apps, people slowly started shifting from the main television set.

This shift and up-gradation in technology gave rise to the smart TVs which incorporate all the features of the traditional TV set in addition to the internet and web-based services.

Smart TVs are an up-gradation from the traditional TV sets such that it contains all the features of the conventional sets in addition to, integrated internet and interactive web features.

Smart TVs provide all the normal functions of the TV plus home networking access, on-demand playing media, online media, and so much more.

These features allow you to listen to music, browse the internet, and watch movies online and so much more. Now you can even save soaps in your TV memory to watch it later.

Features And Platforms

These TVs help viewers to watch user-generated content and give access to interactive services. Thus internet apps, for example, YouTube, can be viewed on smart TVs. Therefore smart TVs allow the user to watch primary content from the Service providers along with the internet content.

Nowadays, some of the smart TVs come with speech recognition services for more natural and upgraded interactive services. Now and then, technology is improving and along with it smart TVs. Now payments can also be made through smart TVs as it has become a mixture of a computer and a TV.

In smart TVs, there is a preloaded operating system. This operating system comes with a set-top box. Most of the apps are preloaded on the device, but you can download apps separately from the app store and even update or uninstall it.

With so many features and so many brands; choosing the best smart TV has become a difficult task. To ease this, here are some of the best intelligent TVs of 2019-


This Sony product has a 55-inch large screen along with an OLED display for crystal clear pictures and a screen resolution of 3840×2160.

It runs on Android TV8 and comes with remote control with voice recognition software. This remote also gives access to Google Assistant for interactive services.

With the presence of Google Assistance in this TV, many other electrical appliances having Google support can be controlled with it.

This beast has a 4K Resolution along with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision Support and is one of the best smart TVs right now.


Another great product from Samsung, this smart TV boasts an 88-inch screen with a QLED display and a screen resolution of 3840×2160.

Samsung Smart Things feature, allows you to convert this smart TV into a smart home device. Any of your smart equipment like fridge, smartphone, etc. can be connected with the set giving the consumer an intelligent and seamless interaction between multiple devices.

Syncing a smartphone with the TV gives you the option to play your phone media on a bigger screen.

This smart is one of the best smart TV and comes with a universal remote control. This smart TV is one of the best smart TV in the market right now.


This LG smart TV packs a 55-inch display size along with a 4K OLED smart TV. The LG TV incorporates its own LG WebOS.

This is the AI platform of the company, which helps the consumer to talk with the TV more naturally with its upgraded voice system.

It has an app store for the entire app requirement and comes with a voice-enabled remote along with 4 HDMI ports.

The TV can easily connect to other supporting pieces of equipment and has an outstanding sound feature. It has quickly earned its spot in one of the best smart TVs in the market.


Panasonic has been a giant in the television business for a long time. This smart TV has put itself in the spot for one of the best smart TVs, quite conveniently.

It comes with an overall 55-inch screen size and an OLED display type with a resolution of 3840×2160. It gives the user easy access to all the apps and even simpler access to blue-tooth speakers.

The remote doesn’t come with a voice recognition system, but the TV can easily connect to smart speakers with good sounds. This TV also gives the user the ability to share with friends.


The Sony A8F is quite similar to the Sony A9F, but it comes with an Android 7 instead of an Android 8. This makes the TV a little bit slower than the A9F one.

The features include the Google Play Store and smart capabilities. The screen has a 65-inch screen size and Ultra HD 4K OLED Smart TV with 3840×2160 dimensions and has earned the rightful spot in the list of the best smart TVs in the market.

6. SONY X90F

The Sony has 224W power consumption with multiple HDMI ports and integrated WiFi. The smart TV has a 4K Ultra HD display and a screen size of 55 inches.

It is an LED-backlit TV and has the same features as the A8F. It can easily connect to your devices and also has an excellent stereo system installed.

With good Bluetooth capabilities, it makes surround sound features even better. It is unquestionably one of the best smart TVs on the market right now.


Smart TVs are usually expensive, especially the ones with a lot of features, but even cheaper TVs can be good. There are a lot of cheap, but good smart TVs in the market with just the basic but adequate features. The above lists consist of the best smart TVs in the market by the comparison of features and services.

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