3 BEST SONY 65 INCH TV (Updated)

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As one of the most trusted brands in electronics, it is unsurprising that Sony televisions are among the best available.

The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation is one of the brands consumers can trust, particularly when it comes to its television product line.

Whether setting up a home theater or merely upgrading your television to a modern or a bigger model, you can always rely on Sony to achieve the highest standard possible with unrivaled image resolution and innovative features.

If you are looking for the best 65-inch Sony television on the market, read our reviews below to find your perfect match.

Best 3 65 Inch Sony TV Top Picks

1. Sony X80J 65 Inch TV

Best Sony 65-Inch TV

Best Sony 65-Inch TV

Specifications: 57.6 x 33.1 x 2.8 inches, 47.6 pounds, HDR, and DOLBY Vision

Stand Dimensions:  44.5 inches/1130 mm- Leg Spacing


  • Voice-Activated Controls
  • Smart Remote Control
  • Websites viewing directly on the screen
  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • Google TV Interface
  • Smart Remote Control Capability
  • Installing and running Play Apps and Games
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Additional Features


The Sony X80J is an entry-level top-of-the-line 4K television with wide viewing angles and a reasonable maximum brightness.

It has exceptional response time and excellent motion handling, allowing it to render fast-moving objects beautifully, with little to no blur.

The Sony X80J has an easy-to-use Google TV interface, vivid and accurate HDR content, and you can use the old-style Sony IR remote, or the included Bluetooth remote.

Furthermore, it is the perfect choice for gamers and sports lovers, as the images remain accurate even when viewed from the side.

The Sony X80J has a lightweight but not as sturdy build as other models designed with premium materials.

The exterior construction is entirely plastic. However, it has thick bezels and a design that does not disappoint.

Regrettably, this TV lacks some of the features you would otherwise find in high-end models.

It lacks dimming features that help improve black levels, and it does not bring out the brightness in HDR because it does not get bright enough.

Other than that, it is an excellent TV with an affordable price, compared to high-end models.


  • When viewed from an angle, the image remains credible
  • Motion handling is excellent
  • Simple to use Google TV interface


  • Does not do too well with glare in extreme brightness
  • Lower contrast ratios

2. Sony X85J 65 Inch TV

Best Sony 65-Inch TV

Best Sony 65-Inch TV

Specifications: 57.2 x 32.8 x 2.8 inches, 54 pounds, HDR, and DOLBY Vision

Stand Dimensions: 47.6 inches / 1208 mm-Leg Spacing


  • Multiple Inputs
  • Voice Remote Control
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • TRILUMINOS Premium Display
  • X1 Extreme Processor
  • Installing and Running Play Apps and Games
  • Built-In Google Assistant
  • Google TV Interface
  • Additional Features


The Sony X85J, 65 Inch TV, is one of the best televisions available for color accuracy. It is also one of the most affordable 65-inch Sony TVs on the market.

A few simple settings adjustments can provide you with the opportunity to binge on a great TV that offers quite a compelling image resolution, distinctive peak brightness, deep blacks, and a wide color range for High Dynamic Range content.

If you feel too lazy to search for channels with the remote, you can command the inbuilt Google Assistant remote to pull up whatever you want.

The Sony X85J, 65 Inch TV, has an array of remarkable, intelligent features. It includes the innovative Google TV interface, which provides access to the Google Play Store, and a collection of broad and diverse options for apps, among other things.

It provides viewers with peak SDR brightness, direct backlight, and decent HDR brightness.

Featuring Outstanding Dynamic Range to Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure, this product also includes features such as 4K HDR, Android TV, motion clarity, and more.

It is also available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of every individual.


  • Provides voice compatibility
  • Packaged with a wide range of accessories
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent response time
  • Great contrast


  • Degraded images if watched at an angle
  • Distracting direct reflections

3. Sony X90J 65 Inch TV

Specifications: 57.2 x 32.8 x 2.8 inches, 50.5 pounds, HDR, DOLBY Vision

Stand Dimensions: 47.6 inches / 1208 mm- Leg Spacing


  • Apple Airplay and Home Kit Support
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Immersive Audio  
  • TRILUMINOS Premium Display 
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Google TV Interface
  • Built-In Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • X-Wide Angle
  • Additional Features


The innovative Sony BRAVIA X90J, 65 Inch TV, is an HDR Full-Array LED Smart TV that elevates the quality of both visual and sound to a completely new level.

It recognizes how people see and hear, allowing you to have a completely different experience than actively involves you in the scenario.

When used in conjunction with a Full-Array LED screen, the Sony X90J 65 Inch TV delivers ultra-realistic image quality rich in lifelike contrast.

Using sophisticated speaker innovation, the TV transforms any sound wave into an immersive and engaging experience.

Sports, gaming, and fast-paced movie lovers will enjoy the XR Motion Clarity, quick response times, and low input lag for seamless, colorful, and concise action.

The TV also comes with built-in cable management for neatness.


  • Exceptional Peak brightness
  • Remarkable Color accuracy
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Dimming features


  • Does not support VPR

Final words

Sony is unbeatable when it comes to its wide selection of fantastic TV collections. The highly innovative TVs made with modern technology appeal to everyone.

The above models offer HDR support, voice, and remote controls and use both Android and Google operating systems.

They are ideal for movie lovers, gaming enthusiasts, and, ideally, everyone else.

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