How to Connect Samsung TV To WiFi?

How to Connect Samsung TV To WiFiHow to Connect Samsung TV To WiFi

Connecting Samsung TV to WiFi

Pre-requisites for How to connect Samsung TV to WiFi

You need to go through some prerequisites before beginning the process of connecting your Samsung smart TV to your Wireless Network.

You need the equipment and information that is described below to connect these two.

If your TV is made on or before 2011, you are not alone. A plug-and-play adapter will instantly connect your Samsung Smart TV to wifi. Something like this:

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Have the items below ready before you connect Samsung TV to wifi

1. Internet connection

2. An access point or wireless router

3. Check your Samsung Smart TV’s user manual and look for adapters that are compatible with your Smart TV. It’s compatible with most Samsung TV models.

4. Have your encryption key (wifi password),

5. SSID, which is the name of your network

6. Encryption type of wireless network ( WEP, WPA, etc.

7. Once you have all these prerequisites you are good to proceed with the following steps.

Steps to connect Samsung TV to Wifi

Step 1. Turn on your Smart Samsung TV

Press the power button present on your TV or your remote control to power the television.

There are various models of TVs produced by Samsung company but these instructions are prepared considering these varieties.

However, if you can’t find the menu options that we are referring to in this article then you should refer to the manual that you get with your smart TV.

You will be able to easily figure out the corresponding terms mentioned in these steps.

Step 2. Go to the Home menu

To go to the home menu, you can press any of the three buttons that are mentioned below:




Press the button and you will reach the home menu.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi - GO TO THE HOME MENU

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi – GO TO THE HOME MENU

Step 3. Select the general option



Step 4. Select the Wifi network that you want to connect your Smart TV with

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi - SELECT WIFI NETWORK

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi – SELECT WIFI NETWORK

Step 5. Network Settings

Once you select the network, you will get the option for Network Settings or it might be called Network Setup. Select this option as per your TV model.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi - network settings

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi – network settings.

Step 6. Network Type

Choose the Wi-Fi (wireless) option when you are prompted to select the type of network. You will see a list of WiFi networks.

If you are not able to find your Wi-Fi network (SSID) on the list, you will need to reboot your Wi-Fi using the access point.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi - network TYPE

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi – network TYPE

Important: Samsung smart TV connect to Wi-Fi

If your Samsung Smart TV model is made in the year 2019, then it is likely to support a network of both 2.4 GHz as well as 5GHz network. Whereas, if your smart TV by Samsung belongs to the year 2018 then it will support a Wi-Fi network of 2.4 GHz only. The Samsung smart TV models of 2018 include NU730D, NU7300, NU7100, and NU710D.

Step 7. Select the Wi-Fi network

Select your Wi-Fi network now. In case your Wi-Fi network is password protected, as it should be, a dialog box will appear on the screen asking you to enter it.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi - select wifi network type

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi – select the wifi network type

Step 8. Enter your Wi-Fi password

Now you simply need to enter your Wi-Fi password and choose ‘Done’. You are going to enter the password using your remote control. The password is also called an encryption key.

You can simply enter the numbers using the number keys on the remote and for the letters, you need to use the arrow keys.

The letter will be highlighted and you can select the letter. Press enter. As soon as you do this, your smart TV will attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 9. Wait for some time

Wait for a few seconds and see if your TV connects with the wireless network.

If your TV does not connect with the Wi-Fi then you need to adjust the settings of the IP address in the network setup. You might be asked to enter the information manually.

Step 10. Use the Return Button and go back to the Network Screen

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi - go back to network screen

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi – go back to a network screen

Step 11. Network Testing

When you select the network testing option, your Samsung Smart TV is going to perform a test to ensure that the connection between your Samsung TV and router works both ways.

In case the test fails then you should cross-check the information that you entered as your SSID and that the encryption key is correct.

Turn off the smart TV. Unplug the access point/ router and modem. Wait for around 30 seconds and then plug back the router/access point and modem.

Switch on your Samsung Smart TV and post that. Rerun the test.

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi - test your network

Connect Samsung TV to WiFi – test your network

Step 12. Select OK

You will get a message stating that your Samsung Smart TV has been successful in connecting with your WiFi network. As soon as you see that, select the OK option.

Now you are free to use all the bunch of services that require internet access on your Samsung Smart TV.

This is the complete list of steps that are essential for “how to connect Samsung tv to wifi”. There is a possibility that you might face other issues related to Wi-Fi connectivity.

In case you face wifi connectivity issues with your Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

You should turn your smart TV off and then switch it on again;

Check your Wi-Fi is working properly,

Check the settings of your Wi-Fi router

Things to Remember

You should move the access point of your wireless network closer to your smart television.

You can gain a lot of advantages by using a smart Samsung TV that connects to your wireless network.

We all love to stream and binge-watch our favorite channels on the big screen and smart TV allows us to do so in the best manner.

We can simply connect your Wi-Fi and Smart TV to access the features of the Internet on the big screen of your home.

If you wish to enjoy your movies or web series or want to play games then it can be a lot of fun to make everything as per your choice with this easy move.

By connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi, you will be able to enjoy the web-based applications on your smart TV.

We hope that these steps helped you answer your question, “How to connect Samsung TV to wifi”. If you need further assistance, here is the manufacturer manual.

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