How to Connect Samsung TV to WiFi?

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Connecting Samsung TV to WiFi

Pre-requisites for How to connect Samsung TV to WiFi

Before starting the process of connecting your Samsung Smart TV to your wireless network, there are some prerequisites you need to have in place.

For TVs manufactured on or before 2011, a plug-and-play wireless adapter is required to enable WiFi connectivity. Such adapters are readily available and instantly connect your Samsung Smart TV to WiFi.

Have the items below ready before you connect the Samsung TV to the wifi

1. A stable internet connection

2. An access point or wireless router

3. Refer to your Samsung Smart TV’s user manual to identify compatible adapters suitable for most Samsung TV models.

4. Your network’s encryption key (WiFi password)

5. SSID (the name of your network)

6. What is the encryption type of your wireless network (WEP, WPA, etc.)?

Once you have these prerequisites, you can proceed with the connection steps.

Steps to connect Samsung TV to Wifi

Step 1. Turn on your Smart Samsung TV

Use the power button on your TV or remote control to switch on the television. These instructions apply to various Samsung TV models, but if you encounter any discrepancies, consult the manual provided with your smart TV for guidance.

Step 2. Go to the Home menu

Access the home menu by pressing one of the following buttons on your remote:

– Menu
– SmartHub
– Home

Step 3. Select the general option

Navigate through the menu to find and select the ‘General’ settings option.

Step 4. Select the Wifi network

Choose the WiFi network you wish to connect your Smart TV to from the available list.

Step 5. Network Settings

After selecting the network, look for the ‘Network Settings’ or ‘Network Setup’ option and select it, depending on your TV model’s terminology.

Step 6. Network Type

When prompted, choose the Wi-Fi (wireless) network option. If your network (SSID) doesn’t appear, reboot your WiFi router.

Important: Samsung smart TV connects to Wi-Fi

Models produced in 2019 likely support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. 2018 models, including NU730D, NU7300, NU7100, and NU710D, may only support 2.4 GHz networks.

Step 7. Select the Wi-Fi network

Now, select your Wi-Fi network. If it’s secured with a password, you’ll be prompted to enter it.

Step 8. Enter your Wi-Fi password

Input your WiFi password using your remote control, then select ‘Done’ to initiate the connection process.

Step 9. Wait for some time

Allow a few seconds for your TV to connect to the wireless network. If there’s an issue, you may need to adjust your network’s IP settings manually.

Step 10. Use the Return Button and go back to the Network Screen

Navigate back to the network settings screen to make any adjustments if necessary.

Step 11. Network Testing

Perform a network test to ensure a successful connection. If there are issues, verify your SSID and encryption key are correctly entered. Restarting your router and modem might help resolve connection problems.

Step 12. Select OK

Once connected, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Select ‘OK’ to conclude the setup process.

Things to Remember

Position your wireless access point closer to the TV for a stronger signal. Connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi unlocks a plethora of streaming and web-based features, enhancing your viewing experience.

If you encounter any connectivity issues, refer to the manufacturer’s support page for additional help.

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