8 Steps to Connect a Wifi Mouse to Dell Laptop

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A ‘mouse’ is an external device that is used as a part of the hardware interface of a computer system. Originally, the mouse always required a cord.

However, it was the early 2000’s that saw the introduction of the ‘wireless’ mouse in the market.

Wireless mouse works by using the ‘Bluetooth’ technology and the Radio Frequency (RF) for functioning. With wireless technology taking over; the Wifi mouse has grown in popularity.

The wireless mouse requires the use of Radiofrequency to be able to operate through a USB receiver.

While most laptops are lightweight and easy to handle, some users still prefer the handheld mouse for navigation.

One of the prime reasons, why people still prefer the wireless version as compared to the touchpad, is the precision.

Usually, for application for the image-editing software or diagram drawing in Paint, the wireless mouse is used. So, how do you connect a Wifi mouse with your dell laptop, let us take a look:

Steps for Connecting a Wifi Mouse to Dell Laptop

Step 1

An installation disc for the Dell wifi mouse needs to be inserted into the optical drive of the Dell laptop wifi.

Step 2

A setup Wizard is displayed on the screen, where you have to click the ‘set up’ icon. The on-screen directions are displayed for you to follow.

This step includes the installation process for you to complete. You might even be asked to restart your laptop, if so, please follow the instructions

Step 3

The Empty USB port of your Dell laptop Wifi needs to be connected to the base station for a wi-fi mouse.

Step 4

It will take a few minutes for Windows to recognize the base station. This is followed by the configuration to the Driver which was installed earlier from the disc for the Dell wireless mouse.

Step 5

The mouse needs to be inserted into the cradle base station and let charge for 4 to 8 hours. This can also be done through batteries.

Step 6

The next step involves you pressing and holding the ‘sync’ buttons which are placed both on the mouse and the base station simultaneously. When pressed for 5 seconds continuously, an LED light stops blinking and rather stays stable.

Step 7

To find the sync button, look at the upper section of the laptop and a similar button is also found at the bottom section.

Step 8

The mouse ‘icon’ can now be moved across the screen.

While these are the steps specifically for the Dell Laptop Wifi, you can also perform similar, yet slightly different steps for the other brands of laptops as well:

Enabling the wireless mouse

  1. To connect the Wifi mouse to your Dell laptop Wifi, you need to check for compatibility.
  2. The AA batteries are used to power the Wifi mouse, which needs to be installed accordingly. Mostly, the batteries are housed inside the battery compartment and can be placed once the top panel is lifted off.
  3. Now, the USB receiver needs to be plugged onto the side of your Dell Laptop’s wifi.
  4. After this step, the user needs to simultaneously press the button which is placed on the underside of the mouse the USB receiver. The buttons need to be pressed until the tracking light appears on the mouse.
  5. Lastly, you need to turn the mouse over and start moving it to make sure that the cursor can track properly.

Why you must opt for a WIFI mouse in the first place?

  • These usually have a longer life expectancy
  • The wifi mouse has a better response time
  • These are more cost-efficient
  • The wifi mouse offers a more precise control
  • These offer better accuracy, something which is much required for gamers
  • There are fewer cords to take care of
  • The movements are smoother, as there are no cords.

While there are various advantages, we also need to focus on the drawbacks alongside

  • One of the major drawbacks is the bad signals. Most often, one has to suffer from the problem of bad signals
  • Battery replacement is a major concern

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