Best TCL smart TVs Deals on Amazon

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Best TCL smart TVs Deals on Amazon

Amazon is the go to platform for a lot of people for major savings and amazing deals on gadgets and technological items. Amazon is a trusted and popular platform for the sole reasons that it combines best possible deals with assured quality and secure delivery and transactions. Amazon also hosts a number of sales where a large number of coveted deals go online with savings up to 50% a common occurrence. Some of the major savings occur during events hosted by Amazon like flash sales and Prime day sales which occurred from July 15-July 16 in 2019. During these two days a large number of electronics and large appliances went online with amazing price cuts and discounts that created a lot of interest and traffic on the ecommerce site during this 2 day sale period. Here, we have compiled some of the best deals offered by Amazon on TCL smart TVs along with the features and specs of the smart TVs that make it super coveted and top the list of best smart TVs. Read on to get updated about some of the major deals offered by Amazon on smart TVs by TCL:

TCL Android smart TV

This amazing device comes equipped with a 43 inch full HD display along with an amazing 60 hertz refresh rate. It has a top class Full HD panel that allows it to provide HDR video content with crisp details and amazing precision that will enhance your experiences. It’s special features like HDR 10 and IPQ engine allow it to provide out of the world precision and image settings along with intelligent color range control and optimized video quality. This smart TV offers you amazing performance as it is combined with a build in WiFi for connectivity and a dual core Mali 470 graphics processor. It also runs on Android 8.0 Oreo and allows you to seamlessly maintain connections with your smart devices even when you are surfing or playing shows onto your TV set. Equipped with built in google assistant and an AI solution, this is a powerful device that can be seamlessly controlled using either voice control or the magic remote that comes along with the package. Another amazing feature of this TV is that includes a built in chrome cast which can easily project your smart devices onto your 43 inch TV with the hassle free single tap feature.

The Quad core processor along with its dual core GPU is responsible for its high functioning ability including multitasking and negligible non responsive moments which allows you to just sit back and enjoy the viewing experience that it offers. Amazon offers an amazing discounted price of approximately 32 thousand along with special offers like 5% instant discount and 18 month warranty along with 10 days replacement if you do not like the product. The only con of this TV is that it comes with Android and is open to vulnerabilities that comes with the android OS and it’s graphics processor isn’t so good as compared to its price.



This special model comes equipped with settings compatible with 4K UHD display functions. With these features you will feel the precision of the perfect images that are displayed on your screen. It has a 3840 X 2160 pixel resolution along with voice control, compatibility with Alexa and smooth voice control features that allow you to flawlessly control the device with very little hassle. This device also has a special feature called micro dimming which basically includes scanning your content and separating it into zones in which the individual contrast brightness and quality is adjusted to provide you with an amazing viewing experience. To top it all off, this smart TV also has a dynamic picture enhancement along with surround sound and Dolby decoder technology that makes your whole viewing experiences a class apart. Some of its other features include the T Launcher and T cast app while allow you to share information and apps from your mobile or other smart devices onto the smart TV to allow you to convert your TV into another smart device or a workstation whenever you need it.  This smart TV also includes Full TV version Netflix and YouTube with 4K HDR that makes the pictures and videos come alive. 

Amazon offers an Amazing 23,991 Rs. Off along with a deal for free installation and delivery along with warranty on this model which makes it a deal that you should not miss if you are looking for a smart TV to buy. The only Cons of this TV is that it’s price is too high but it has all the features in it.

TCL 49 inches Full HD LED smart TV 49S62FS

This amazing device is one of the best smart TVs available under the budget price on 25 thousand on Amazon. Some of the other offers available on Amazon are no cost EMIs and free installation of the smart TV along with a discount and a warranty of 18 months. Along with True colour, mirror dimming, surround sound and Dolby decoder technology, this smart TV also has dynamic picture enhancement and real colour reproduction which makes the pictures on the screens come alive with life like depictions and image control that will leave you baffled. It has a Full HD 1920 X 1080 display along with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. It also has a built in stereo box speaker which when combined with the surround sound and the decoder technology, really boosts the sound and its quality which in turn allows you to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience.

This smart Tv also comes equipped with WiFi display and screen mirroring with which you can project content from any of your smart devices onto your smart TV with no lag or non responsiveness. The TCL launcher along with its dual core CPU guarantees a high functioning device that can allow you to seamlessly switch between all your smart devices while also surfing or watching videos on your smart TV. But the only Cons of the TV is that its price is too high and thus not in budget for everyone

These are three of the top deals offered by Amazon on TCL smart TVs and these are also three of the best TCL smart TVs available in the entire market with their amazing features and their high functioning capability.

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