5 of the best TCL TV in the market

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5 of the best TCL TV in the market

When it comes to the best TV brands, you immediately think about Samsung, LG, and Sony; but, there is a new player in town who debuted with quite a bang – TCL.

TCL Smart TVs are designed and manufactured by Roku, the media giant, who decided to come out with their smart TVs that are integrated with the Roku interface.

Although they are new in the game, they offer quite a lot of smart TVs with fantastic specs that rival Sony and Samsung.

This article discusses the best TCL smart TVs in the market right now and how they compare to other leading brands.

So let’s take a look at the top 5 best TCL smart TVs in the market currently:

1. TCL 4 series/S425 – First on the list is a budget smart TV. This is the best TCL smart TV in the entry-level category.

The TV has a 4k display screen and which has recorded a fast response rate. Despite being a low-budget 4k TV, you will not experience any lag whatsoever while watching your favorite shows.

The contrast on this smart TV is outstanding, and there is a bunch of apps for you to download and use.

While the TV has some great features, it also lacks in some aspects like the TV does not have a motion interpolation feature which means the TV may run into some problems while processing motions.

The TV also is not too bright even when you set the brightness level high; the TV still feels too dark. Another downside is that judder cannot be removed no matter what.

2. TCL 6 series/R617 2018 – The second best TCL smart can remove judder from everywhere from your cancel to even your apps! Other than the TV has excellent contrast, excellent picture quality thanks to its being a 4k TV.

The black uniformity feature balances out the shadows and makes for a more luxurious viewing experience. The motion handling, although it is not great but is good enough. Like the one mentioned above, this smart TV also has a high response rate.

There is a local dimming feature, but you should not depend on it as it only works fine. For gamers, this is their best TCL smart TV  as the TV has a very low input lag which makes playing games on the TV quite enjoyable.

The TV runs on the Roku interface. The TV does not support any special gaming features, and in the home menu, you will be greeted with ads that unfortunately cannot be disabled.

3. TCL 32-inch HD smart LED TV – This makes for an excellent TV for your bedroom or your kitchen. The 32-inch screen is neither too big nor too small, and it has 3 HDMI ports.

3 HDMI ports in a budget TV are hard to find. The TV has wide viewing angles which makes it perfect for your bedroom. As with the Roku platform, you will have plenty of apps to choose from.

The only downside to this otherwise great TV is that the screen resolution is limited to 720p. So if you are okay with watching movies and shows at 720p resolution then you can settle for this TV; otherwise, look at other alternatives on this list.

Because the scene resolution is 720p, it has a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, which is not bad.

4. TCL 55-inch 4k Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart LED TV – Another TCL smart TV on this list for gamers.

The screen size, the picture quality, as well as the sound quality, is bound to appeal to the players. The picture quality is outstanding with deep contrast and brightness level.

The picture also looks sharp, and you can connect your PlayStation to the smart TV to play all your favorite games. The refresh rate is not amazing but is good enough to prevent any serious lagging.

It has 3 HDMI ports, a USB port, and an Ethernet port. The setup and installation of this TV are straightforward due to the Roku software, which provides step-by-step instructions.

While the picture quality is excellent, some may be displeased by how the screen tends to be dark at the top and bottom.

It does not have wide viewing angles which makes it difficult to enjoy your movies or videos from a 45-degree perspective. You may also witness some vertical banding right there in the middle of the screen.

5. TCL 43-inch 4k ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV – A TV for all those who do not want a massive screen to enjoy their movies.

This is a mid-range smart TV offered by TCL which has a screen size of 43 inches. You can place this smart TV in your living and even in your bedroom.

Since it is a mid-range product, you can still afford it without spending too much. The TV comes with the Roku smart platform, which gives you instant access to all your favorite video apps and platforms.

You can start watching your shows and movies as soon as you are done installing the TV. The Roku interface is very user-friendly, and the HDR technology along with 4k renders impressive picture quality.

Although this TV has excellent features, you may be left wanting when it comes to the viewing angles and the sound quality.

What Makes TCL Smart TVs Different From Other Brands?

This brand offers budget-friendly smart TVs with all the crucial features. Since all the smart TVs run on the Roku platform, those who are long-time users of Roku find navigating the smart TV easier. But these budget-friendly smart TVs do lack viewing angles.

They are the worst when it comes to viewing angles. If you prioritize viewing angles, you are better off buying a smart TV from another brand. Apart from narrow viewing angles, TCL TVs tend to have a low brightness level.

The screen tends to be darker than other smart TVs out there. The best thing about these TVs is the Roku platform. You have instant access to Google Play, Fandango Now, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. except for iTunes.

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