How to Choose a Live View Focus Mode on the Nikon D7500

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Enhance Your Nikon D7500 Images with Live View Focus

The classic method of composing shots through the viewfinder has its merits, especially for quickly capturing action. However, to elevate your photography, especially in static or controlled scenarios, the Live View mode on your Nikon D7500 becomes invaluable.

Live View mode, ideal for photo and video, allows for precise framing on the camera’s monitor, offering a different approach to creativity and composition.

How to Use Live View Focus on Your Nikon D7500

Here are the steps to effectively utilize the Live View Focus mode on your Nikon D7500.

Step 1: Activate Live View Focus Mode

Unlike viewfinder photography, you don’t have the AF-A option in Live View mode. Instead, you can choose how the camera focuses:

1. AF-S: Suitable for stationary subjects, this mode locks focus upon shutter press or screen tap. It’s consistent in both viewfinder and Live View operations.

2. AF-F: This mode continuously adjusts focus for subjects in motion, perfect for capturing dynamic scenes.

Step 2: Achieve Precise Focus

In AF-F mode, the Nikon D7500 automatically focuses without pressing the shutter halfway or tapping the screen. Ensure your subject is within the autofocus frame.

A green frame indicates successful focus; a red frame means the focus has been lost. Press the shutter button halfway or touch the screen to lock focus at a specific distance. Lifting your finger or releasing the shutter resumes continuous focusing.

Step 3: Focus During Video Recording

For video, AF-F mode is recommended for continuous focus adjustments. Be aware the built-in microphone may capture autofocus noises.

To minimize this, connect an external microphone and position it away from the autofocus motor sounds. While manual focus is an alternative, adjusting focus for moving subjects can be challenging and requires practice with the lens focus ring.

By mastering Live View Focus on your Nikon D7500, you can push the boundaries of your photography and videography, bringing a new level of precision and creativity to your work.

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