How to Choose a Live View Focus Mode on the Nikon D7500

Get Better And Sharper Images On Your Nikon D7500 With The Live View Focus

If you are fond of photography, then the tried and tested method of holding the camera up to the eye and then looking through past the viewfinder before you snap the shutter must work wonders for you.

It helps you to see precisely what you are about to capture. It also offers ease of tracking fast-moving objects.

If you want to improve your photography skills and make the game stronger, then the Live View Focus mode is exactly what you need.

If you own a Nikon D7500 and you manage to activate the Live View Focus mode, you can experiment a great deal with your photographs, experiment with them, and enhance their creativity.

This “Live view photography” is also used for framing movies and photographs on the monitor.

Steps For Setting The Live View Focus Mode

Given below are the steps following which you can use the Live View Focus modes on your Nikon D7500.

Step 1- Enabling the live view focus mode

In the Live View Focus mode, the viewfinder photography doesn’t have the AF-A option.

It is the setting that allows the camera to decide whether the camera should lock the focus right after the focus is achieved, or should the camera keep on adjusting focus as and when required to track an object that is moving.

On the other hand, you can specify the autofocus operation that you wish to use by choosing either of the focus modes:

1. AF-S: Using this mode, if the touch shutter is enabled, the camera helps to lock the focus as soon as one presses the shutter or taps the touchscreen. This setting works in the same manner during both viewfinder photography as well as Live View shooting.

2. AF-F: If you are looking for a mode that will offer continuous autofocusing facilities, this mode will help you achieve your goal. This mode will help you to click great shots of objects that are moving.

Step 2- Setting the focus right

As soon as the Nikon D7500 is set to the AF-F mode, the scenes can be autofocused automatically. One doesn’t need to tap on the touchscreen or press the shutter halfway. One only needs to make sure that the subject falls well under the frame that is meant for Live View Focus.

As soon as the camera finds the target, the focus frame changes to green. If the object moves, then the focus is adjusted according to the needs.

The frame turning red suggests that the camera has lost focus. To lock the focus at a certain distance, you have to press the shutter and hold it halfway down.

You can also put your finger on the touchscreen. As soon as one lifts the finger from the touchscreen or shutter button, continuous autofocusing begins.

Step 3- While recording movies

If you are opting to record movies on your Nikon D7500, then the AF-F looks like an obvious option.

However, if movies are being shot while the sound recording is enabled, then the microphone may receive the sound of the motor of autofocus as the camera adjusts the shutter.

In this case, one should invest in using an external microphone and plug it into the microphone jack of the camera.

Then, one can position the microphone at such a distance from the camera to ensure that the sounds of focusing are not recorded.

Although one can also opt for manual focusing, focusing may be difficult for objects that are moving.

To focus on objects that are moving, one has to turn the ring meant for lens focusing to adjust the focus as soon as the subject moves.

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