Best TCL TV Deals – Heavily Discounted Deals

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Within 38 years of inception, TCL has become one of the top contenders of smart TVs. With continuous research and development, precision in manufacturing backed by a good marketing policy, the company is giving sleepless nights to others who were known as the pioneers of the TV industry with their products.

TCL has employed numerous operating systems designed for its TVs, and come up with many models of smart TVs.

The best TCL smart TV

While looking for the best TCL smart TV amongst a lot of models manufactured by TCL, it is challenging to segregate a single piece.

There are various models with different prices, so let us discuss some of them so that everyone can have the best according to their budget.

Best TCL TV Deals

1. TCL Smart LED TV 55P8

This model of TCL TV comes with a 55-inch screen and gives a resolution of 4K. With a sound output of 20 watts, it feels you are inside a movie while watching your favorite shows.

This best TCL smart TV is UHD certified and is assisted by AI by Google and runs on Android 9.0. Connect your blue-ray players, set-top boxes, and any gaming devices in the 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

You can have own the 55 inch TV at around a price of INR 39,000/-. However, you can get the dame model with a 43-inch screen size at INR 27000/-.

If you intend to watch, big then buy the 65-inch screen size version at around INR 57000/-. Look for the discounts and deals offered by the company and get the best bargain.

2. TCL 55S405 Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

If you want to have a smart TV that can watch your favorite sites and channels, then the 55 inch Roku TV should be your choice.

You can watch over 4000 channels through this best TCL smart TV without any glitches. Since the LED is direct-lit type, one can see the perfect 4K resolution pictures with full clarity.

It supports dual bad WIFI and has an Ethernet port. The 120 HZ refresh rate allows getting the live videos with considerably less buffering time.

The 55-inch model comes at a price of around INR 23000/-. Apart from the 55-inch screen size, one can enjoy the brilliant pictures on the 65-inch screen version priced at around INR 47000/-.

There are smaller screen sizes models like 43 inches, and 49 inches and one can get them at much lower prices. All the sizes are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

3. TCL40S62FS Full HD Smart LED TV

While looking for a budget smart TV, it is best to purchase the TCL40S625FS model smart TV and enjoy the features. 

The 40-inch screen size model is priced at around INR 19000/- but is feature-rich. It has got stereo speakers that include Dolby Audio. It comes with the TCL launcher, TCL App store, Netflix and YouTube so that you can watch your favorite videos or listen to mind-blowing music.

It has a WIFI display with screen mirroring with an A+ grade picture panel to beam a crystal clear picture. Grab the deal with this model of TCL smart TV at a rock bottom price and enjoy your leisure time watching your favorite program.

Save on your pocket without compromising the picture quality or the smart TV features. One can hardly imagine any smart TV of other brands with the above features at this price.


There will be no words with this Android-certified smart TV model from the house of TCL.  It has Voice Search options, Google Play, Phone Mirror, Chrome cast, and many other up-to-date intelligent features.

The Quad-Core processor is fast, and the internal storage memory is 16 GB. It comes with 24 Watts Harmon Kardon Speakers with Dolby Digital Premium Sound.

The TV has 4K Ultra HD resolution to see the minor details of the images. The screen size is 65 inches, and it feels as if you are in a movie hall while watching your favorite channel on it.

If the price is compared to the features of the TV, it is quite reasonable when compared with other brands with some similar features.

It is priced around INR 1 lakh and is most suitable for commercial establishments like hotels, pubs, or clubs apart from those who fancy having it at home.

5. TCL Smart Ultra HD 4K Android LED TV 85P8M

If you want to have the latest model of the next-generation TCL Smart TV, then the Model 85P8M with a giant screen size of 85 inches and the features incorporated inside will mesmerize you.

It has a screen resolution of 3820 X 2160 pixels to highlight the minutest details of the images. It can play Netflix, YouTube and is supported by Google Assistant and Alexa.

The TV runs on Android Oreo with features like Freeview Plus, Auto Volume Leveler, and Miracast. The contrast ratio is 4000:1, and clear images can be viewed even sitting at an angle of 178 degrees.

The processor speed of this TV is 2.5 GB and the internal storage space of 16 GB. This TV is perfect for those who have a long and wide hall in their home or for restaurants, pubs, and clubs where many people can watch and enjoy watching their favorite sports or any blockbuster movie.

Priced at around INR 2 lakhs after discounts it is a big bargain offer that one can get.


TCL is gradually becoming the market leader with its bouquet of smart TVs of various price ranges. All of them are feature-rich and backed by warranty and prompt after-sales service.

Buy the best TCL smart TV as per your choice, need, and budget. Some of the above models of TCL smart TV can be considered according to taste before sealing the best deal. It is time to be smart watching smartly.

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