Tips for Wedding Photography Posing

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It takes a lot of hard work and full dedication to become a professional photographer. When it comes to covering a wedding event, a professional wedding photographer is an absolute necessity.

A professional wedding photographer knows how to capture the precious moments of the couple with his creative and trained eyes. If you are stepping into wedding photography, then here is a list of tips and ideas for posing for wedding photography.

The couple needs to look picture-perfect in every shot. The couple can do a little homework on their own. However, they leave it on the shoulder of the photographer they hire for the event. There are numerous types of poses that the couple can try out for their wedding. The following list will be helpful for both photographer and the couple.

Wedding Photography Poses: Tips and Ideas

  1. The First Look

The first look of the couple looking at each other on the wedding day must be captured by the photographer. A photographer can set up a private location to capture this precious moment for the duo.

Wedding Photography Posing - The First look

Wedding Photography Posing – The First Look

  1. Admiring the Wedding Dress

It’s a unique pose for the bride when she sees her wedding dress an hour before her wedding. Ask her to smile a little while she admires the dress.

Admiring the wedding dress

Admiring the wedding dress

  1. Blind Folded

This traditional wedding photography pose is still one of the best poses in today’s time. Ask the bride to cover her groom’s eyes while standing behind him. It is also considered a primary shot for the event. A photographer can create a story with this pose.

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  1. The Hand Kiss

The Hand Kiss pose speaks louder than words. Ask the groom to kiss the bride’s hand gently. Capture the shot from the distance to make it a memory for the duo.

Wedding Photography Posing - Hand kiss

Hand kiss

  1. The Wedding Walk

The Wedding Walk is yet another traditional pose for wedding photography; however, it is still one of the best in the lot. The pose starts with the couple walking slowly in the backyard in a wedding suit and dress.

Wedding Walk

Wedding Photography Posing – Wedding Walk

  1. The Umbrella Shot

A wedding photographer can unleash his creativity by adding some props while posing. An umbrella is the perfect prop one can add to take a lively shot of the duo in the shadow of the umbrella. This unique shot requires special lighting from the front side.

Umbrella shots

Wedding Photography Posing – Umbrella shots

  1. The Frame

Photo-frame is yet another prop that can be added by the photographer to take a unique shot of the duo. In this pose, the couple holds a unique frame while capturing multiple shots using the creative work. Background lighting plays a crucial role in this particular pose. Make sure that there are enough lights in the background.

  1. The Relaxed Pose

This unique pose describes a fairy tale of the couple where the bride feels safe on his shoulder. Ask the bride to put her head on the shoulder while staring calmly at the camera. You can take multiple shots from close and from different angles to make the pose more perfect.

  1. The Laughter

Ask the couple to roam around and talk to each other. When the couple talk and smiles, capture the shot. The laughter shot must be natural and for that reason, you should take it like this.

  1. The Forehead Kiss

The forehead kiss is the sweetest one for the couple. Being a photographer, you have to ask the groom to kiss gently on the forehead. The groom must wrap his hands and close his eyes to make it look more natural. This pose captures the relaxing moment of the couple.

  1. The Intimate Looks

This unique pose describes how much in love they are. The couple has decided to marry and live the rest of their lives together. It all starts with a loving side of each other and that must be captured to create a lifelong memory.

  1. The Kiss

The last shot in the wedding photography album for the couple is the final kiss. You can capture the live shot of the couple during the wedding. Alternatively, or can ask the couple to kiss each other for this mandatory shot. Make sure that the photo must look natural and bright.

Wedding Photography Posing- The Kiss

Wedding Photography Posing – The Kiss

  1. Cake Cutting

After a romantic kiss, the photographer can add one more shot to the album of the couple. The cake-cutting shot can be captured with the couple only or with the entire family. Since you are creating a personal wedding album for the couple, the cake-cutting photo should feature only the couple. Take a candid shot of the duo when they cut their wedding cake.


These were the best tips and ideas for Wedding Photography. If we talk about the poses, it depends upon the creativity of the photographer. You can search for more poses on the web to gain more ideas about how you should organize your next wedding shoot.

After finishing the shooting session, the couple might want to see your work. You should always carry a laptop or wireless device to show your work on the spot. You can also ask them to wait for a day to add beautiful effects to the photos to make them look more natural and eye-catchy.

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