How to Use Nikon D5300?

How to Use Nikon D5300How to Use Nikon D5300

How to Use Nikon D5300? – Overview

Nikon D5300 is one of the best Nikon DSLRs you will ever come across. Still, having the right knowledge regarding how to use Nikon D5300 is quite critical in the same respect.

The perfect image quality, a wide range of features, and powerful performance are a few of the aspects that make this camera stand out.

Getting started with Nikon D5300

Charging the battery

The first and foremost thing you need to get ahead with is to charge the camera’s battery. To do that, you simply need to take out the battery pack from the packaging and insert it into the provided slot. Once inserted, the battery needs to be charged with the provided USB charging cable and AC adaptor.

When the camera is completely charged, you can then find it ready to start ahead with the clicking of pictures and videos.

Checking the desired Mode dial

Before you start with capturing desired shots and videos, you need to find out about picking the correct exposure mode. Doing this empowers the correct focus and exposure for your desired image.

Program auto exposure-despite the fact that it isn’t that prudent to utilize the auto mode ( except if you are using the camera for the first time), the program auto exposure is undoubtedly the ideal mode to start ahead with your photoshoot. Even though the camera will take charge of deciding the shutter speed or aperture, the user can tweak the rest of the settings and controls.

For instance, if you have to adjust the shutter speed to evade the Blur issue, you simply need to turn on the command dial placed on the left part of the camera body. Doing this will likewise change the aperture value to remain on par with Camera exposure.

Similarly, if you need to get the correct aperture value as per your need, gently turn the command dial to the right side. Additionally, this will likewise change the shutter speed to remain comparable to the camera’s exposure.

Shutter speed (S) – You can adjust the ideal shutter speed by utilizing this mode, and the camera will itself decide on the aperture. Furthermore, in case you are using this camera for the first time, go for a shutter speed of 1/125 of a second. In case you’re not using a mount, doing this will evade the Image Blur issue due to unwanted camera shakes and movements.

On the other side, if you are shooting quick-moving subjects, a similar shutter speed can be expanded to 1/200 of a second. Additionally, it tends to be changed down to 1/60 in case you have to capture slow-moving subjects.

Aperture value (A) – this mode can be used when the camera is automatically deciding on a shutter speed to bring along a decent exposure to your picture. The greatest favorable position of shooting in this mode is to ascertain the desired depth of field to enhance the captured shot’s sharpness.

So if you are looking to shoot a portrait, utilizing a higher aperture value is advisable. Doing this can help you to get the best of the background and foreground in focus.

Manual( M) – utilizing this mode, the user can choose both the shutter speed and aperture according to their individual choice and preference. So, if you are a beginner, you must be extra careful while using this mode.

Shooting a Portrait

On the other side, if you are shooting a portrait, it would be ideal to set the mode dial to program or aperture priority or manual. Besides, drop down the aperture value to get the necessary depth of field.

Capturing an Action sequence

On the other side, if you are capturing a Sports or any faster movement, you need to change the shutter speed appropriately. Even though the specific aperture value will be decided on the subject’s movement, you can still start from 1/500 of a second in the beginning.

Shooting a Landscape

Catching a perfect landscape shot is not easy at all, and you need to put some serious determination and dedication into the task.

You should focus on the correct subject and change the aperture and shutter speed as per the shot’s requirements. While you do that, pay attention to the lighting conditions and other aspects to capture the desired shot.

The bottom line for how to use Nikon D5300

The camera is quite remarkable in terms of its exquisite features and settings. So, one needs to stay updated regarding how to use Nikon D5300 before bringing this camera for use.

For further help or assistance, refer to the user manual provided with the camera.

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