Insta Wi- A Creative Toy Designed for Kids by MyFirst Tech

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MyFirst Tech company has released a revolutionary toy aimed to unleash the creativity of young kids called Insta Wi.

The all-new Insta Wi is a unique way to help your kids do creative things as this toy lets them take quick photos and get their prints in real-time. Isn’t it amazing? Let’s collect some more information about this newly launched tech-toy, Insta Wi.

What is Insta Wi?

Insta Wi is a multipurpose tech-toy designed for kids. This device can click photos, print images, and can even record videos. Moreover, kids can print out labels through this camera in real-time. The robust design of this camera makes it a good fit for the kids and can withstand a few fallouts.

What is Insta Wi

What is Insta Wi

Insta Wi is the most innovative gadget. Kids can have the best of their time using this device. Instead of spending time playing games, they can now go out and can have fun with this compact and handy device.

What makes Insta Wi a Unique choice for Kids?

Insta Wi is designed for kids who can begin photography through this handy toy camera. Young kids are not allowed to use mobile phones or social networks and for that reason, they can use this device to unleash their creativity.

What makes this toy camera a good choice for your kids is it lets your child click photos. This is not done, your child can apply filters and can take out printouts of the photos instantly.

What makes Insta Wi a Unique choice for Kids

What makes Insta Wi a Unique choice for Kids

Moreover, the camera lets them record short video clips in which they can rejoice with their friends and family members. Being a kid-friendly camera, the camera is designed with long-lasting materials. The camera doesn’t require you to connect to the Internet, it is a portable device.

The Mobile App

The camera supports a mobile app. You can install a compatible mobile app on your Smartphone to transfer the photos clicked by your kid right on your mobile device. The convenient mobile app is free to use and has plenty of features to edit photos.

The Design

Talking about the design, the camera has a unique rounded rectangle body. The corners are soft and easy to hold. A lanyard is also attached to the camera for carrying it on the neck easily.


The Insta Wi has a built-in battery of 1,500 mAh. The battery life of the camera is five hours. You can have a long photography session with your kids with a single charge of its battery.

Connectivity Options

The camera comes with a memory card slot to store your photos and short video clips. It supports wireless connectivity through built-in WiFi for transferring the photos to your other devices.

You can transfer the photos on your mobile device to edit them or to post them on your social media networks.

Additionally, the camera also features a USB 2.0 port. You can easily connect it with your computer or laptop for transferring photos and videos using this port to your laptop or computer system.

You can use professional editing software to edit the photos or can get a professional print of the photos using your home printer.

A Thermal-in paper roll is also given to get quick prints of the photos. Your kids can get a thermal print of the photos using the push button.

Built-in Cameras

The Insta Wi camera has two cameras, a front-facing selfie camera and a primary camera located at the backside. The focusing distance of the front-facing camera is 50mm. The rear camera’s focusing distance is 20mm.

You can set up the resolution of the camera as per your requirements. The built-in camera lets you use 6, 9, and 12 Megapixels of resolution with full HD videos. The camera also features a 2.4-inch IPS LCD panel for viewing the photos. The camera comes with pre-installed filters for quickly editing the photos of your choice.

The Accessories

The company ships this camera with a set of useful accessories so that you don’t need to buy them separately. The new Insta Wi camera ships with a dock or cradle, a USB data cable, a card reader, a micro SD card, 5 rolls of thermal-in paper, a user manual.

Insta Wi - The Accessories

Insta Wi – The Accessories


The entire set of the Insta Wi camera is available at a discounted price for this holiday season. The company is offering this camera for just $69 backed by a 1-year guarantee.

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