Cox Vs Comcast | Plans, Pricing and Performance

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Cox and Comcast are both reliable cable TV providers with a wide range of services. Each offers cable TV and fast internet to help you save on your monthly budget.

But the big question is which one is better than the other? Well, if both offer services in your area of residence, making a choice might be difficult.

In the review, we’ll have a head-to-head comparison to help your figure out which is the better option for you. 

Cox Vs Comcast: Accessibility

Cox Vs Comcast

Cox Vs Comcast – Accessibility

Comcast is one of the largest cable TV providers in the United States. With coverage spanning 40 states, over 15 million homes have access to Comcast’s cable service.

On the other hand, Cox is the largest private broadband company in the US. With coverage spanning 18 states, over 6 million homes have access to Cox’s cable service.

Cox Vs. Comcast: Approval Rating

Cox Vs Comcast

Cox Vs Comcast – Approval Rating

Unfortunately, Cox and Comcast don’t rank very well when it comes to cable customer support. In fact, over 90% reckon that they need improvements in the customer service area.

That said, it’s worth noting that Cox ranks higher, and they have been making some advances in order to make significant improvements in their customer service department.

This could be due to the fact that Cox is now offering in-home troubleshooting thanks to its DVRs.

This allows customer service representatives to easily and quickly address most of the issues that subscribers encounter daily.

It’s also worth noting that most consumers don’t have the luxury of basing their cable TV provider on approval ratings.

Due to their location, some people might be stuck with just one provider, which means they might need to subscribe even if the services are sub-par. 

Cox Vs Comcast: Charges

Cox Vs Comcast

Cox Vs Comcast – Charges


Both Cox and Comcast’s TV services allow for self-installation. This is great because you save money and don’t need to adjust your schedule to make room for a technician’s visit.

What’s more, you don’t need to be a technician or tech-savvy to do the installation on your own. Both Cox and Comcast offer easy step-by-step instructions.

But if you’re busy, you can always contact either Cox or Comcast to have a certified technician do the installation.

For Cox Pro Connect, you’ll pay $100 (varies by location and package), and for Comcast Xfinity TV, you’ll pay $89.99.

Cox Vs Comcast: DVRs

Cox Vs Comcast

Cox Vs Comcast – DVRs

To be honest, both Cox and Comcast are trying hard to give their utmost best to consumers. Cox’s Wireless 4K Contour DVR is our top pick in this category.

It has plenty of storage and serious movie, and TV show streamers know how crucial this can be. 

Let’s get a bit specific; Cox’s Wireless 4K Contour DVR comprises up to 24 simultaneous recordings and 50-1000 hours of HD video storage. 

This means you can create a massive library with everything from shows you want to watch and breath-taking sports moments you want to watch over and over again.

Comcast’s offering in this category is known as the Xfinity X1, and it’s now without its charms. It has a hands-free controller as well as an easy and smooth UI.

The Xfinity X1 DVR comes with a recording capacity of 100 hours and about 500GB of storage.

It’s worth noting that both DVRs require you to spend some more cash, so if you want to get the best bang for your buck, go for the Wireless 4K Contour DVR.

Cox Vs Comcast: Pricing 

Looking at the bundle options between Cox and Comcast, it’s easy to see they have similar tiers. Take a deep dive into each provider’s channel list to see which gives you the most value.

Cox will cost you a bit more than Comcast Xfinity TV, whether for a solo cable TV plan or a bundle with internet and telephone.

However, it does have its benefits because you get a better DVR than Comcast’s and a higher channel count on some plans.

Xfinity Digital Preferred is Comcast’s best offering. It costs a bit more than the Digital Starter package, but it’s better when it comes to kids and sports channels.

Comcast’s plans also cost less than Cox’s, which is a major plus if you’re a budget-minded user. Keep in mind that the cheaper price means that the channel count is also low.

Still, we’d still recommend the Preferred Plus, and Ultimate plans from Cox because they offer better value. See the table below to learn more about Cox and Xfinity cable TV plans.

Cox Vs Comcast
Cox TV Plans and PricingPrice Channels
Contour TV Starter$53.00/Mo75+
Contour TV Preferred$98.00/Mo140+
Contour TV Preferred Plus$118.00/Mo170+
Contour TV Ultimate$138.00/Mo250+
Cox Vs Comcast
Comcast Xfinity Pricing and PlansPrice Channels
Preferred Plus$69.99/Mo140+
Digital Starter$70.99/Mo220+
Digital Preferred$84.99/Mo220+

Final Thought

Cox is the clear winner in cable TV service. Its plans can be pricey, but the packages become cheap when you add internet and telephone.

Cox is also very resolute in adding channels. Comcast will be a great pick for people who live in areas where Cox isn’t available.

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