Why is My Arlo Camera Not Recording ?

Why is My Arlo Camera Not RecordingWhy is My Arlo Camera Not Recording

There could be several reasons why your Arlo camera stopped recording. Following this quick troubleshooting process towards the root cause of this issue will get your camera back up and running.

Recommended steps to fix the Arlo camera recording issue

Step 1. Check for any connectivity issues

Checking for random connectivity issues comes as the most basic troubleshooting step to fix the Arlo Camera recording issues. Gently plug off all the connected cables from the router or camera for a start.

After a few minutes, reconnect these cables simultaneously and check whether the problem got sorted now. Once done with the cables’ reconnecting and still not getting the desired output, check your internet connection.

In most cases, wifi connectivity comes as the root cause for any issue regarding the Arlo camera not recording. Your Arlo camera needs to be properly connected to WiFi or wifi extender without any obstruction.

If you cannot sort the WIFI connectivity issue yourself, simply connect with your ISP (Internet service provider) for further assistance.

Step 2. Check the Camera positioning and alignment

Most of the Arlo camera users tend to install the camera by themselves. Doing this, they often get the positioning and alignment entirely wrong.

This way, your Arlo camera can’t record any motion around in the right manner possible.

Hence, after checking the cable and internet connectivity, you now need to check for the Arlo camera’s correct positioning and alignment.

Check whether the height above the ground is more than the prescribed limit.

Also, specific Arlo cameras don’t work properly if placed at a higher distance from the base station. Hence, it would be best if you bought another Arlo camera instead of using the same one to cover a larger area.

Step 3. Check for any obstruction

Regardless of whether you are using an Arlo camera or any other security device, you cannot expect it to function correctly if random objects obstruct its field of view.

There are cases when your Arlo camera is aiming through the glasses, walls, trees, or wooden frames.

If that’s the case, there’s no way you can expect your Arlo camera to record properly. Remove all such obstructions and ensure their positioning accordingly.

If you cannot obliterate the obstruction, try placing the camera at a location that gives you the perfect and most detailed coverage of the spot.

This can be done while testing and locating the right spot via the Arlo camera app.

Step 4. Restarting the WIFI Router

Restarting the wifi router fixes a lot of issues in the first place. So, if your Arlo camera isn’t recording and you have tried all the tricks mentioned above, try restarting it according to the user manual’s instructions.

This way, you can fix most of the technology-related issues with your Arlo camera and ensure its smooth functioning for an extended period.

Do check whether the batteries of the Arlo camera are working correctly. You can check the battery status and condition in the Arlo app.

You can also open the back of the camera and check if the batteries got correctly inserted. If the batteries got drained out completely, consider replacing them.

Step 5. Resetting Arlo Camera

Last but not least, you can try resetting the Arlo camera. This comes as the final step in your efforts to fix the Arlo camera’s recording issues.

Also, it would eradicate any technical glitches with its functioning.

The Arlo camera should now be working with its default settings. So, if you have mistakenly made any changes to the recording settings, the issues must get sorted by now.

Check one of our blogs to get familiar with the process regarding how to reset the Arlo camera.

Bottom-line for Why is my Arlo Camera Not Recording

The steps and instructions mentioned above will help you sort out the issues related to the Arlo camera recording. In case you are still facing trouble with its video or motion recording features, try connecting with the Arlo support.

Also, please let us know in the comments section if you want us to cover more such topics in our future posts. Stay safe, Stay secured!

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