Why is My Arlo Camera Not Recording

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Several factors could cause your Arlo camera to stop recording. Following this quick troubleshooting guide, you can identify the root cause and get your camera operational again.

Steps to resolve the Arlo camera recording issue

Step 1. Check for connectivity issues

The first step in troubleshooting Arlo Camera recording issues is to check for connectivity problems. Begin by unplugging all connected cables from both the router and the camera.

Wait a few minutes before reconnecting these cables to see if the issue resolves. If you’re still facing problems after reconnecting, verify your internet connection.

Wi-Fi connectivity is often the culprit behind Arlo camera recording issues. Ensure your Arlo camera is connected to Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi extender without obstructions.

If Wi-Fi connectivity issues persist, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance.

Step 2. Check camera positioning and alignment

Many Arlo camera users install the camera themselves and may not position or align it correctly, preventing it from recording motion effectively.

After addressing cable and internet connectivity, ensure the camera is correctly positioned and aligned.

Verify the camera is installed at the appropriate height and not too far from the base station, as specific Arlo cameras have limitations regarding distance. Consider purchasing an additional camera to cover larger areas effectively.

Step 3. Check for obstructions

Like any other security device, an Arlo camera will not function properly if its field of view is obstructed by objects such as glass, walls, trees, or frames.

Remove any obstructions to ensure clear recording capabilities. If removing the obstruction is impossible, try repositioning the camera to a spot that offers the best coverage and detail.

Utilize the Arlo app to test and find the optimal location for your camera.

Step 4. Restart the Wi-Fi Router

Restarting your Wi-Fi router can resolve many issues, including recording problems with your Arlo camera. Follow the instructions in the user manual to restart your router correctly.

Additionally, check the Arlo camera’s batteries by consulting the battery status in the Arlo app or physically inspecting the camera to ensure the batteries are properly inserted. Replace the batteries if they are completely drained.

Step 5. Reset the Arlo Camera

As a final step, consider resetting the Arlo camera to address any recording issues. Resetting can fix technical glitches and restore the camera to its default settings, correcting any accidental changes made to the recording settings.

Conclusion on resolving Arlo Camera recording issues

The steps provided should help you troubleshoot and resolve recording issues with your Arlo camera. If problems persist, contacting Arlo support is advisable.

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