How to Make a Flower Vase Spy Camera

How to Make a Flower Vase Spy CameraHow to Make a Flower Vase Spy Camera

A flower vase spy camera can easily help you keep an eye on your surroundings, even when you are not around.

It can be placed around your drawing room, kitchen, or even the bedroom, without leaving any suspicion in the onlooker’s mind.

Now, when you think of a flower vase spy camera, there are two options upfront – either you buy a customized flower vase spy camera from the market or make it all by yourself.

The first option may involve spending some good money while the second one does the same in terms of effort.

So, if you have decided to make your own customized flower vase spy camera, the following steps and instructions can prove helpful.

Recommended steps on how to make a flower vase spy camera

How to Make a Flower Vase Spy Camera

How to Make a Flower Vase Spy Camera – Recommended steps

Step 1. Procuring all the required items

As you’re trying to make a flower vase spy camera out of scratch, you need to procure all the required things like a flower vase, USB Webcam, power bank, and so on.

And of course, you are going to need tools like a driller, a screwdriver to get started.

Make sure that the USB WebCam you utilize here offers good video quality. This is required to achieve the desired purpose out of the flower vase spy camera.

Just in case you looking for a better video or picture quality, it is prescribed to purchase an HD webcam from the market.

Step 2. Making the flower vase spy camera

Once you are done with all the necessary stuff, it’s time to get started with the further process.

As a matter of priority, you need to drill the flower vase hole to accommodate the USB webcam and related accessories within.

Set the circuit board apart from the USB Webcam and the lens and attached cable.

Doing that, you must ensure that the USB cable and camera lens are still connected to the circuit board. This way, the camera size can be customized according to the flower vase’s shape and size.

Place the USB webcam to the flower vase while keeping the lens sneaking in from the drilled hole.

The hole must sound natural, and you can use some glitters or watercolors to disguise it into an art form.

Once done, connect the USB cable to a nearby power source, or you can even place a power bank to the flower vase for the same purpose.

Step 3. Positioning the flower vase spy camera

Always stay mindful of picking the best spot for placing the flower vase spy camera. Choose a location that offers you the best angle and field of view of your surroundings.

Moreover, the spot must be natural enough not to catch any visitors’ attention.

For best results, you must first decide on the purpose of using the flower vase spy camera. If you want to target a specific person or area, pick the location accordingly.

In case your objective is to cover up the events in a room or specific zone, placing it in a similar area is advisable.

Regardless of the spot, you must surround the flower vase with random stuff like desk lamps or alarm clock, just to give it a more natural appearance. Additionally, if you are not using a power bank, try to keep the flower vase spy camera nearby to a power outlet.

Step 5. Testing the flower vase spy camera

Once you are done with the crafting and placement of the flower vase spy camera, it is time to test its functioning and performance.

Just to keep it more convenient, you can also download and install random spy camera apps (applicable to wifi webcam only)

This way, you can set the timer, view the live streaming, and make necessary changes in the spy camera’s image or video settings.

Besides, the same video files can be later stored on a drive or other preferred location

Afterward, test the spy camera’s working by making random motions and gestures in front of the flower vase spy camera.

Check whether the video and image capturing process are smooth enough to your preferences.

Bottom-line for how to make a flower vase spy camera

Crafting a flower vase spy camera is relatively easy. You just need to pick the best webcam to get the required picture or video quality from the device.

If you are using a wifi Webcam, it can be controlled and managed by simply downloading a spy camera app (paid or free version.

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