How to work with Nikon Z6 shutter speed?

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How to work with Nikon Z6 shutter speed?

The ISO range of Nikon Z6 is ISO 100 to 51,200, which the users can expand up to 50-204,800 (like the Alpha A7 III).  With a 3.69-million-dot viewfinder and the EVF, you will get an accurate preview of the pictures.


A camera shutter is like a thin curtain in front of the sensor that stays closed until the user fires the camera.

When the camera shoots, the shutter will open, and the camera sensor will be fully exposed to the light that has passed through your camera’s lens.

After collecting enough light, the shutter closes instantly, stopping the light from hitting the camera sensor.

Shutter speed is the period concerning how long the camera’s shutter is open, exposing the sensor to light.

It is how much time your camera needs to capture a photograph. Shutter speed delivers specific effects in captured images.

Dramatic effects and brightness

In digital photography, one of the most important settings that will give lifetime benefits is the Shutter speed of the camera.

To put it quickly, shutter speed primarily does two things: first, it creates dramatic effects by either blurring motion or capturing a freezing action shot, and second, it brightens the photograph.

When the camera is set to a long shutter speed, the camera will expose the sensor to the light for a significant period, and the user will get a motion blur effect.

It helps by capturing a perfect moment when the subjects are moving.

This effect had used for advertisements of cars and bikes where a sense of speed and motion is communicated to the viewer by intentionally blurring the moving wheels.

Nikon Z6 shutter speed - motion blur

Nikon Z6 shutter speed – motion blur

You can capture photographs of any object at night or in dimly lit surroundings by setting the camera to a slow shutter speed.

Some photographers even use long shutters willingly to create a sense of motion on waterfalls or rivers while keeping everything else fully crisp and still.

Nikon Z6 shutter speed - blur and crisp

Nikon Z6 shutter speed – blur and crisp

On the other hand, if you use a faster shutter speed, the camera sensor will eliminate any motion, resulting in a freeze-action shot.

You can capture this kind of shot even if the subject is highly fast-moving, such as a racing bike or bird, etc.

How do you measure shutter speed?

Shutter speeds are measured in fractions of a second. To understand, let’s take an example:- 1/4 signifies a quarter of a second, while 1/250 means one-two-hundred-and-fiftieth of a second (or four milliseconds).

Nowadays, many modern mirrorlesses or DSLR cameras have a shutter speed of up to 1/4000th of a second, while some have much quicker speeds, such as 1/8000th of a second and faster.

Take a view of Electronic First Curtain shutter:

You will get an “Electronic First Curtain” and the silent and mechanic electronic shutter options. Find it at:

MENU> CUSTOM SETTING MENU with a pencil icon > ‘d’ Shooting/display> ‘d5’ shutter type.

Nikon Z6 shutter speed - electronic front-curtain shutter

Nikon Z6 shutter speed – electronic front-curtain shutter

The shutter opens silently. Then, it executes a mechanical click while it closes. It helps you to get rid of the camera shake on a tripod. You will realize when the exposure is completely done.

Sensing Auto ISO minimum shutter speed

Nikon Z6 has set itself to auto ISO minimum shutter speed before the ‘Auto ISO’ raises the ISO to ensure the camera doesn’t shoot photos slower than the particular speed.

Nikon Z6 shoots at a slower pace than this speed during its photo shooting at the highest ISO that is programmed. The lights become darker in this case.

Example:- If the subject is still, set AUTO ISO minimum shutter speed to “1/focal length’.

Again, if you are snapping random people, set the shutter speed to /125 to keep them razor sharp. Shooting sports can involve a setting of 1/500 to keep the moving athletes sharp.

The Nikon Z6 is a pro camera that shoots fantastic still and moving photographs with accurate shutter speed settings.

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