How to choose Nikon D7200 filter?

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How to choose the Nikon D7200 filter?

If you are a photographer who is using the Nikon D7200 camera, you will feel incomplete without the presence of photography filters along with its lenses.

The usage of a filter along with D7200 completely changes the experience of using this camera for photography.

These filters are completely transparent in appearance and make the final image better than the previous one. When you start using the best Nikon D7200 filter, you need to make sure you get the right size.

The front part of each lens is different from the rest. This region is marked in mm around the front of the lens, or on the inside of your lens cap.

How to take photos using Nikon D7200 filters

Step 1. Utilizing Polarizing filters

Polarizers are filters that can help reduce, and to a certain extent remove, undesired reflection from images. When you use a polarizing filter with Nikon D7200, you increase the color saturation of the image. It is a wonderful tool for outdoor and nature photographers.

A polarizing filter is a combination of two pieces of glass fixed in a filter ring screwing onto your lens. You can rotate the outer piece while looking through the viewfinder to see the effect on your image.

Using a polarizer requires a lot of perfection. It is not so easy for beginners to click great shots with the best Nikon D7200 filters.

Most professional photographers do not recommend you to keep it on your lens all the time. The presence of a polarizer dims the light entering the lens and darkens your view.

Speaking of numbers, it cuts down 1.5 to 2 f-numbers of light.

A certain amount of light is lost when you use a polarizer for shooting photos. However, you should not worry about it. The camera’s meter will understand the amount of light entering the lens and adjust to provide the correct exposure.

Step 2. Using Multi-coated UV filter for Nikon D7200

A multi-coated UV filter is one of the best Nikon D7200 filters. Photographers consider it to be perfect for a 55-200 mm front lens.

This special filter takes photography with Nikon D7200 to another level. The UV filters help to reduce the glare and ghosting present when the CCD or CMOS chips in the Nikon D7200 convert light into electrical signals.

The camera films and CCDs behind the lens are susceptible to ultra-violet rays.

These rays are invisible to our eyes but the camera does not fail to recognize them. When photos are clicked without the UV filter, they are recorded on the CCD.

The image appears bluish and the color shades are changed. An immoderate amount of blue tinge occurs in outdoor photography, especially in free shade under a clear, blue sky, and near the waterfront while a mist is caused by dust particles present in the air.

When you are taking a shot in broad daylight, the particles reflect the short blue-violet wavelengths of the light more than the longer red ones.

Photographers use this UV filter efficiently to bring in sharpness, absorbing UV that causes a blue cast. It also reduces distant haze caused by UV radiation. Lastly, it also protects your camera lens from dust and scratch.

Step 3. Applying IR Long Pass Filters

IR long-pass filters are available in two sizes: 25mm and 50mm diameter.

Photographers use these filters for order sorting, separating broad regions of the spectrum, and concurrently implementing the high transmission of desired energy, and removal of unwanted energy.

These filters are made of hard, long-lasting, first-surface dielectric coatings on optical-quality IR-transmitting substrates.

When a photographer uses these filters they can capture a photograph with a perfect color and tone balance. It blocks out all the invisible infrared light energy which is otherwise the camera records.

As a photographer, you can use any of these filters based on the subject of photography and the environment you are in. It will enhance the quality of your shots for sure.

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