How to Use Sony DSC HX400V?

How to Use Sony DSC HX400VHow to Use Sony DSC HX400V

How to Use Sony DSC HX400V? – Overview

Usually, if you are a first-time user, you may face certain issues regarding how to use the Sony DSC HX400V. While the situation stays the same in terms of other cameras as well, the amazing features and specifications of this particular model make it easier to use and handle.

Even though the camera contains a big list of menus and settings, the following steps and tips can help you regarding its usage.

Controlling the Main Menu

  • Once you find the menu on the camera, you will notice that it will prompt you to enter the date and time zone.
  • At such a time, the setting of the menu becomes necessary. In this step, you have to press the menu button to find a range of pages and icons.
  • You can set the image size along with the aspect ratio. There are plenty of customized options available for it. Besides, it would help if you remembered that the camera could save the images only as a JPEG file.
  • So, you have to set the compression option according to your preferences.
  • Then, you have to set the Panorama size and the Panorama direction according to your preferences.
  • You can make the selection of the file format as well.
  • There are control buttons for the exposure photo creativity / and autofocus.
  • The different function buttons are also available for shooting. All you have to do is press the function button and select the desired function by using the control buttons.
  • Now select the setting value. You can do it using the control dial. The control dial allows you to change the appropriate setting for every shooting mode instantly.
  • There are specific options for the custom settings that come, inclusive of focus magnification, time, auto review, grid line, speaker level, zoom setting, exposure set guide, function, menu sets, and custom key settings.
  • You will find several options for the development of wireless connectivity. Some of them are sent to a smartphone or computer as well as viewed on TV. Besides, there are also options like one-touch NFC, WPS push, airplane mode, edit device name, access point settings, and reset network settings.

Charging the Camera

  • First of all, establish the camera’s connection to the AC adaptor included in the package.
  • Then, build the connection of the AC adaptor to the wall outlet. For that, you have to turn off the camera while charging the battery.
  • After that, charge the battery pack. In case you notice that it is only partially charged, you have to remove and reinsert the battery pack.
  • The other option available is to charge it by connecting it to the computer.

Shooting still images or movies

  • Still images

Press the shutter button. You have to Halfway press it down to the focus. Whenever the image is set in focus, you can hear a beep sound with the indicator light glowing alongside.

Now, you have to press the shutter button fully down to shoot an image.

  • Movies

You have to press the movie button that will help you with the recording process. You can use the Zoom menu to change the zoom ratio.

Just press the movie button again to stop the recording.

Checking on the manual settings

Step 1.

You have to set the mode dial settings to the manual exposure that will be denoted by M.

Step 2.

Now press on the bottom side of the control. You can find it as the option for selecting the shutter speed or the aperture value.

Step 3.

Then, you have to control the wheel to select the particular value you require. Check the exposure value at this point to ensure clarity.

Viewing the images

  • You have to press the playback button. You will see the data files registration screen, mainly when the memory card images are recorded with the other cameras.
  • To select the next or previous image, you have to click on the control button, and then you have to press the round button. It will help in controlling the option of viewing movies.
  • Besides, in this section, you will also find the option for deleting the images you don’t like. Select the image, press delete, and then press the confirm button.

The bottom line for Sony DSC HX400V

Following the steps mentioned above can help you in great terms regarding how to use the Sony DSC HX400V. Still, it would be best if you kept on practicing with the camera’s controls and settings to master the whole system.

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