How To Use Sony DSC W800?

How To Use Sony DSC W800How To Use Sony DSC W800

How to Use Sony DSC W800? – Overview

The all-new Sony DSC W800 can undoubtedly be termed one of the best compact cameras available in the market. With a 20.1 MP sensor and sleek design onboard, this camera rightly serves all the required specifications of a standard point-and-shoot camera.

Still, there may come a chance when you face issues regarding how to use the Sony DSC W800. For all such instances, you can refer to the steps and guidelines mentioned below.

Basic features to check before using the camera

You can have a detailed look at all the basic features like the shutter button, flash, lens, speaker, LCD screen, control button, movie button, charge lamp, menu button, memory card, cover, access lamp, as well as a battery. You might require the tripod at times to firmly secure the camera in place.

In use

  • First of all, you have to set the mode dial to the point of manual exposure represented by M.
  • Now, go ahead with pressing the bottom side of the control wheel. It will help you in the selection of the shutter speed or the aperture value.
  • Then, you have to turn the control wheel to select the value. Just check the exposure value that is set at a Limited manual represented by MM.
  • For a sharper image, you have to adjust the ISO, color, and exposure automatically. The advanced flash options also boost the sensitivity of the camera. It will be effectively extending the flash range and will make the subjects appear brighter.
  • You can also set the LCD screen and the movie recording capability with the easy shooting mode for better images. You can also control the face detection picture effects, shutter speed, panorama mode, and other custom controls.

Shooting the still images

  • Turn on the power and make the selection of the desired still shooting mode.
  • From the menu, you have to hold the camera to determine the composition of the still image.
  • Now press the button Halfway down to focus. You can also press the shutter button fully down. Remember not to put your fingers on the flash while shooting.
  • You have to turn on the power for shooting videos and then press the movie button to start recording. Again, you have to press the button movie to stop the recording.

The method considers the use of the control button along with the menu items for shooting, viewing, and changing the camera settings.

To change the settings, you have to press the menu button while making the selection of the ‘above’ or ‘below button’ and then press the round button. It will work for displaying the setup screen. You can also set the additional controls for customizing the camera according to your own choice and preferences.

The viewing menus are available for viewing the still images, deleting the images, viewing the movies, viewing the Panorama images, printing the still images, using the following functions, and giving the images on the TV.

Charging the camera

To charge the camera, you have to turn off the power button. Now, build the camera’s connection with the battery pack inserted into the AC adaptor. You can also utilize the micro USB cable and build the AC adaptor’s connection to the wall outlet.

Establishing a connection with the computer

First, you must develop the recommended computing environment by getting all the prerequisites, like a USB cable. Once done, you can then try to establish the connection between both devices via USB or wifi.

You may further need to check the system requirements and the compatibility of the interface. Moreover, you can also use software like Playmemories Home that can help you to create a connection between a computer and Sony DSCW800.

The process for installing this software is relatively easy, and once done, you can immediately connect two devices without any lag.

The bottom line for how to use Sony DSC W800

The great part of this camera is that you will get different modes for shooting your favorite images. Modes like shooting scenes, intelligent auto programs, auto scene recognition, panoramic images, and party images can help you get the best out of every captured shot.

Overall, the refined and crisp pictures captured by this camera make it stand out from the crowd. You can also go by the steps mentioned above to resolve your issues regarding how to use the Sony DSC W800.

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