How to Use Nikon D7200?

How To Use Nikon D7200How To Use Nikon D7200

How to Use Nikon D7200? – Overview

Nikon d7200 has proved to become one of the best DSLRs in recent years. The amazing performance, even in low light with the improved autofocus, makes it an amazing model.

The 60p video, 15% better battery life, as well as Wi-Fi feature ensure that this camera is made predominantly for supporting autofocus on the screw drive lenses.

Using this camera will ensure you get Multicam support with good sensitivity. The ISO settings can also be made between 100 and 25600. It presents a continuous shooting mode along with the LCD.

Getting Started

  • Shooting with the camera

First of all, you have to pick the camera and start the timer. Afterward, turn the mode dial to point to M, where M represents the manual mode.

Then, set the camera by pointing out where you find good light. This becomes an important step. You must always see that the subject of the object is in the region of enough light. To use the manual mode, you have to learn more about the aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

Check the important camera settings. There are plenty of menus that you have to check, like virtual Focal Point, ISO value, and shutter speed. Check the camera metering indicator. It comes in the form of a dotted line with the minus and symbol on either side.

After that, press the shutter button. This becomes an important aspect of learning from your mistakes while using the camera. You have to press the info button to get back to the settings on the LCD screen.

Change the shutter speed for the achievement of proper exposure. As soon as you do this, you have to make the very first photograph in manual mode. You have to press the shutter button in this step and check whether the picture is maintaining its quality.

  • Playback

There are plenty of options for playback. The Nikon d7200 contains delete, playback folder, hide the image, playback display options, image review, after delete, rotate all, slideshow, as well as a copy images solutions.

You will get options for deleting the selected features and features that are taken on the selected date, along with deleting all the pictures in the folder that are currently selected for playback.

  • Photo shooting menu

To display the photo shooting menu, you have to press the menu button and then make the selection of the photo shooting menu tab. There will be many options like the listed photo shooting menu, file naming, storage folder, image quality, image size, white balance, set picture, control multiple exposures, auto distortion control, and manage picture control.

  • Movie shooting

Playing the movie shooting means pressing the menu button and selecting the movie shoot in Minitab.

There you will be getting options like Set movie, shooting menu, Destination, movie quality, file naming, microphone sensitivity, wind noise reduction, white balance, picture control, movie, ISO sensitivity settings as well as time-lapse photography.

You will also get additional options for resetting, movie shooting menu, and file naming while setting the right destination.

There is additional customization available for setting the frame size and frame rate. You can set the movie quality, and microphone sensitivity, as well as the availability of custom options for setting the wind noise reduction, image area, picture control, high ISO, and so on. All such exceptional features make the camera special for many photographers.

  • Custom settings

You will get the custom options that are available for priority selection, autofocus, focusing the tracking with the lock on-off, activation focus point, Illumination focus point, wrap-around, and several focus points.

Besides, you will also get the option for storing points by orientation, assistance given by a built-in AF illuminator. There are certain options available for the metering or setting the exposure. You have to set options for ISO sensitivity as well as menus for exposure control.

With this camera, you will get custom options available for easy exposure compensation, optimal exposure, Centre-weighted area, shutter release, and standby timer.

The bottom line for How to use Nikon D7200

This camera comes in handy for all the photography aspirants around, as you don’t need to make an effort to get used to its customized settings and features.

So, once you have mastered its controls after going through the steps mentioned above, no one will stop you from clicking those amazing shots.

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