How to Use Nikon Coolpix P600? – Overview

How To Use Nikon Coolpix P600How To Use Nikon Coolpix P600

How to Use Nikon Coolpix P600? – Overview

The Nikon Coolpix comes with some amazing image quality and an optical zoom lens. But yes, you have to read through the instructions regarding how to use Nikon Coolpix P600 to get an expert hand on this camera.

Getting started with Nikon Coolpix P600

After reading the safety instructions given in the user manual, you first need to insert the battery and the memory card into the camera. Once done, you can continue with the following instructions in the same respect.

Shooting Videos and Images

To go ahead with shooting images with the camera, you have to change the shooting mode and then move the rotate Photo option to zoom. Do this to focus on the subject. Then, you have to move toward the wide angle to zoom out. It helps in capturing the larger area.

When you see that the shooting screen is difficult to grasp, you have to get access to options like up, left, down, and right. When the shooting mode is in the A or M position, you have to rotate the multi-selector to set the aperture value. After the screen is displayed, you have to take control of the options.

For rotating the multi-selector, apply pressure on the selector button while pressing the OK. It gives you the required result. When shooting, you have to press on the flexible program menu. If the shooting mode is S or M, you have to set the shutter speed. When the setting screen is displayed, you have to make a selection of the items. After that, you can display and hide the menu.

Framing a picture

You have to hold the camera steadily while keeping the fingers and the other objects away from the lens, flash, as well as AF illuminator. Then, you have to start saving the picture. When using the tripod, it is recommended to stabilize the camera.

You can also use the Zoom menu. To zoom closer to the object, you must move towards the telephoto. For zooming out, you have to make a selection towards a Wide Angle. The zoom indicator is available right at the top of the monitor.

Control for the digital zone is also available. It allows you to get a magnified image of the subject of approximately four times the maximum optical zoom ratio.

Focus and shoot

You have to press the shutter release button Halfway whenever the subject is in focus. The Focus area includes the subject or the focus indicator.

There, you will see the glowing green indication light. When you are using the digital zoom menu, the camera focuses on the subject. It positions the subject in the center of the frame.

If the focus area of the indicator starts flashing red, the camera cannot focus.

You have to start modifying the composition as well as try pressing the shutter release button Halfway. After this, without lifting a finger, you have to press the shutter release button halfway down.

If you press it Halfway, you can set the focus as well as exposure at the same time. Press the shutter release button lightly till you feel a slight resistance.

In case you press it down, it means that the shooting stage is ready. However, do not use force when pressing the shutter release button because it can shake the camera and deliver blurry images.

Playing back Images and Videos

You first need to go to Playback mode. With the utilization of the multi-selector option, you can select the image that you want to display. You can press and hold down the arrow keys to scroll through the images quickly. Make the selection of the images by rotating the multi-selector. To return to the shooting mode, press the Playback and shutter buttons.

Deleting images

To delete the images, you have to press the delete button that you will find on the monitor within the Playback mode. Then, make use of the multi-selector option for selecting the desired deletion method. Afterward, press the OK button to make a selection of the Image.

However, it’s good to remember that once deleted. You cannot recover the images. To cancel the delete process, you must select NO and press the OK button.

Shooting features

For image or video shooting, you will be getting the availability of AUTO mode, which allows the camera to use the default settings. It can detect the main image and start focusing on it. You will get the available menus like flash mode, smile timer, self-timer, focus mode, exposure compensation, and the shooting menu.

Scene mode is available for shooting scenes. There are options available, like making a selection of sports, snow, beach, portrait, sunset, dusk, dawn, Museum, backlighting, and easy panorama, to name a few.

Bottomline for How to use Nikon Coolpix P600

With all the perfect settings and controls, this camera can rightly be deemed as an All-rounder. Still, to master the same features and settings, you have to go through all the steps, guidelines, and instructions.

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