5 of The Best Quadcopter Drone With Camera

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Best Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Drone technology has advanced over the years, with manufacturers releasing robust models with a wide range of features.

Are you looking for the best quadcopter drone with a camera? Finding one that meets your needs can be a challenge. What with the numerous models available today?

In this article, we shall discuss drones with high-quality cameras to give you excellent and clear images. Read on to make your search easier.

1. The Outlaw SE Drone

Are you working on a budget? The Outlaw SE drone is a cost-friendly quadcopter with excellent camera features for great-quality images.

If you are venturing into the drone industry, then this device should be your go-to unit. It comes with extended battery life, can fly for up to 20 minutes, and has an impressive 600 meters flight time.

The Outlaw SE drone has user-friendly features like the single-touch departure and landing and heading grip mode.

Controlling the camera on this drone is quite simple and convenient, as you can do so from the remote signal generator.

The GPS flight feature in this device helps it maintain stability mid-air, allowing it to fly and relay the best and most precise shot.

Activating the follow-me feature on this drone enables it to keep up with you when you’re moving.

Main Specifications

  • Inbuilt video and image camera: 1080 megapixels
  • Flight time: 20 minutes
  • Return-to-home capability
  • A GPS-enabled height grip
  • First-person view (FPV) camera range: Over 500 meters
  • Flight range: 600 meter
  • Brushless motors
  • GPS-enabled waypoint mapping
  • Follow me feature

2. The AA300 Drone

Sometimes, a GPS-enabled drone can be costly. However, if you’re looking for an affordable option, the AA300 drone is an efficient, feature-rich, GPS-enabled camera drone.

The 1080p built-in camera relays excellent quality aerial video and image footage. Further, the altitude hold feature promotes the drone’s stability to keep your images and video footage blur-free.

The GPS AA300 quadcopter drone’s GPS features are magnificent. For example, the GPS flight feature eases flying, enabling beginners to fly with minimal struggle.

Other great GPS features include the single-touch departure and landing and return-to-home capability that sends the drone back.

Main Specifications

  • Flight range: 150-meters
  • Altitude hold
  • Single-touch departure and landing
  • GPS flight mode
  • Inbuilt camera: 1080 megapixel
  • Three return-to-home modes
  • Flight time: 12 minutes

3. Yuneec Typhoon H

In today’s rapidly growing photography world, you want a quadcopter drone with a powerful camera. The Yuneec Typhoon H is one of the most advanced and beginner-friendly drones in the market that every photography and videography enthusiast wants to own.

It features a 360 degree revolving 4K resolution camera. The Typhoon’s landing gear is retractable, and you can regulate the camera and drone separately.

With the RealSense Itel obstacle avoidance and sonar-oriented object detection, you can be sure of having smooth shooting sessions without unnecessary disruptions.

Finding replacement parts should be one of the core considerations you make when searching for a drone.

Fortunately, the Typhoon’s replacement parts are easy to find and what’s more exciting is that you can service your device without professional assistance.

Main Features

  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Flight time: 25 minutes
  • Gimbal size: 3-axis
  • Number of channels: 8
  • Material: Plastic
  • Camera specs: wide-angled 4k camera with 360 degrees of packed motion

4. DJI Mavic Pro

This quadcopter drone is not among the cheapest drone options, but it comes with powerful and advanced features, making it worth the investment.

If you are looking for the best quadcopter drone with a camera, then this device would be ideal. Its camera is 4K stabilized and specially designed to capture videos at 30 frames per second.

The obstacle avoidance feature senses possible barriers through intelligent software and optical sensors.

It’s ideal for preventing the drone from collisions. Some photography fanatics may consider this drone one of the best GPS-enabled quadcopter drones with a camera. While you may have to spend more on this drone, its performance is worth every coin.

Key Features

  • Has various smart features like TapFly and ActiveTrack
  • 4K enabled recording
  • Various smart features like ActiveTrack and TapFly
  • Advanced OcuSync communication system
  • Dimensions: 9.4 X 701 X 11.4 inches
  • High-speed computing cores: 24
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds

5. Upair One Drone

If you are looking for affordability, then the Upair One drone is the device for you.

It features a 4K-enabled camera with a gimbal for stabilization, which also helps capture smooth images and video footage. This unit comes with a 120-degree FOV (field of view).

The Upair One drone can relay live video footage up to 800 meters away and features a 1000 meter general control range.

A key advantage of this device over advanced quadcopter drones is its 7-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) screen that facilitates high-definition first-person view potential.

With this drone, you won’t need to use your tablet or even your smartphone. Did you know that you can purchase the cheaper version of this model?

The only limitation would be the 2.7K camera which is not as powerful as the former. However, if you want excellent images and videos on a budget, the Upair one drone is ideal.

Main Features

  • Camera model: 4K
  • Lightweight
  • Camera resolution: 16 megapixel
  • Top Speed: 31 mph
  • GPS enabled
  • Range: 1000m
  • Touch screen size: 7-inch


Do you want to venture into the photography world but don’t know where to begin? This article should be an excellent starting point.

These devices are cost-friendly, and you can use them to choose the best gadget that meets your needs.

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