How To Use LED Projector Mini With iPhone?

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Using LED Projector Mini With iPhone

There may be situations when you want to project your iPhone content to a big screen. For all such instances, having a good understanding of How to use an LED projector mini with an iPhone is quite essential.

The process is quite easy and you just need to find the right accessories and connectors to establish the same connection

The adapters and connectors you need

For mirroring the content from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on the secondary display, you have to get the right and most high-quality adaptor.

For the iOS devices with the lightning connector, there is a requirement to find the lightning digital AV adaptor for the Lightning to VGA adaptor connection process.

When it comes to the iOS devices with the 30-pin dock connectors, there is a requirement for the Apple 30 pin digital AV adaptor for the Apple 30 pin to VGA adaptor connection process.

Building the connection

Once you have sourced the required connectors, you can now proceed with connecting the LED mini projector to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

For that, you have to plug your digital AV on the VGA adaptor into the charging port. You will find it at the bottom of the iOS device.

The connection of the HDMI or VGA cable to the adaptor is important. Go ahead with the connection of the other end of the HDMI to VGA cable to the secondary display.

Here the secondary display is the LED mini projector.

Now, just turn on the LED mini projector to go by the rest of the process. When necessary, you have to switch to the correct video port on the LED mini projector.

In case you don’t find the options for the same, you have to read through the manual of the LED mini projector. As soon as you do that, you have the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch turning into a projector screen.

Charging iOS device after getting connected to display

You can see that most adaptors come with an extra lightning connector 30-pin dock connector. So, you can get it for charging the iOS devices connected to the LED mini projector.

For doing that, you have to connect the lightning connector to the USB or the dock connected to the USB, to the adaptor.

Then, simply go with plugging the USB connector into the power source.

Getting additional help

In case you see that the video is there but you can’t hear the audio, you have to make sure that you are always using only the digital AV adaptor that comes with the HDMI port.

If you are using the VGA adaptor, you see that it doesn’t carry audio signals for hearing the audio with the VGA adaptor. In this case, you will need to connect to the headset Jack.

Also, if you see that the application doesn’t display the video or play audio, it is clear that the application isn’t compatible with the adaptor.

In that case, you have to check compatibility on the applications info page in the applications section.

In case you see that the Alert says that the HDCP-compatible device is a basic requirement, it means that the connector isn’t compatible with the adaptor.

If you are trying to play movie shows, and stream videos with a non-HDCP digital connection, then you will see that there will be an alert for The HDCP compatible device.

Dealing with other issues

If you are not been able to create the connection, even after trying all the steps mentioned above, go through the following steps.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the adaptor from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the projector. Always make sure that the VGA or HDMI cable is working since the issue could be based on the cable.
  • Sometimes, you will require the removal of the VGA or HDMI extension cables as certain accessories start converting the VGA HDMI signal to different video formats.
  • Always make sure that you have the latest version for iOS. In case you don’t find any of the above-mentioned options reliable, you have to contact the support team for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Bottom-line for How to use LED projector mini with iPhone

Going through the steps mentioned above you can easily establish the connection between the iPhone and the LED mini projector.

Do let us know about your feedback or suggestions in the comments and we will try our best to cover your suggested topics in the coming blogs.

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