How to Use Laptop Webcam as Spy Camera?

How to Use Laptop Webcam as Spy CameraHow to Use Laptop Webcam as Spy Camera

Need to keep track of all the happenings in your home while you are away? You can easily turn your laptop’s webcam into a customized spy camera.

There are random software and applications (paid and free) that can help you convert your laptop into an under-cover digital video recorder.

While most free apps boast some basic features like a live recording, limited free storage, and motion alerts, the paid ones can help you with unlimited storage and various other add-on facilities.

Additionally, it isn’t recommended to invest in a high-end spy camera if your home surveillance requirements are limited to certain emergencies.

That said, let’s head on to the recommended steps and tips regarding how to use a laptop webcam as a spy camera.

Recommended steps regarding how to use a Laptop webcam as a spy camera

How to Use Laptop Webcam as Spy Camera

How to Use Laptop Webcam as Spy Camera – Recommended steps

Step 1. Download and install the spycam software or application

There are several free or paid spy cam software or applications that can help you big time for the same task. You can choose the one suited best for your purpose from the below list:

Yaw Cam

Yaw cam is a free software program that lets you set up your laptop’s webcam as a spy camera.

Besides being free, it is easy to set up and brings along a big list of high-end features to assist your spying act in the best manner possible.

It tracks and captures motion according to the webcam’s preset field of view and viewing angle.

The app will also notify you via email or FTP on your smart device( once you sign up with your Gmail or Yahoo ID)


Like Yaw cam, iSpy is another free, open-source application that facilitates converting your laptop’s webcam into a spy camera.

Besides tracking and capturing any unwanted motion around your living space, it directly sends alerts and screenshots to your smart device within minutes.

You can also upgrade to the Pro version by paying a nominal fee, and that lets you use the live remote viewing feature on your smartphone or PC.

Once you have downloaded and installed the required spy cam software and application on your laptop, you need to sync it with your laptop’s webcam.

Follow the on-screen instructions on the software or application, and the process will only take a few minutes.

Please note that certain features and controls of these applications may not go well with your laptop’s webcam due to the firmware update or other compatibility issues.

Hence, you must check for the required OS and other settings beforehand.

Step 2. Positioning the Laptop spy camera

Once the required application or software has been successfully synced with your laptop’s webcam, you now need to decide its positioning.

The laptop comes as one of the most commonly used devices in every household, so you need not do much of an experiment regarding its placement.

Use any work desk or table at your home or office for the task, and no individual would get a clue regarding the inbuilt spy camera.

These spots are highly recommended as any other location or position may create doubt in onlookers’ minds.

Step 3. Testing the laptop spy camera

Once you have positioned the laptop spy camera to the right spot, you now need to run the spy camera application and test its functioning in real-time.

This is required to track and locate any technical glitches or compatibility issues between the laptop’s webcam and the software.

Try to make random movements in front of the laptop’s webcam to check its motion capturing capabilities and see if it is rightly sending the alerts to your smartphone or not.

By doing that, you can stay assured that the laptop spy camera’s functioning according to your given purpose.

This will confirm whether the spy camera applications and software are delivering according to your needs and expectations.

Bottomline for How to use laptop webcam as spy camera

Whether or not the laptop spy camera delivers according to your expectations depends on your laptop’s webcam’s video capturing capability.

This is where you must make the required checks before downloading and installing any third-party software.

Additionally, check for random bugs and malware that come with all such free spy applications and software.

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