How to Set Up Arlo Essential Camera

How to Set Up Arlo Essential CameraHow to Set Up Arlo Essential Camera

Setting up your Arlo essential camera is a pretty straightforward process.

The steps below will help you right from powering on the camera up to its final synchronization.

Recommended steps regarding How to Set up the Arlo Essential Camera

How to Set Up Arlo Essential Camera

How to Set Up Arlo Essential Camera – Recommended steps

Step 1. Getting started

Unbox the Arlo Essential camera package and read through all the instructions mentioned in the user manual.

This will help you get accustomed to all its basic features and controls. Moreover, download and install the Arlo app on your Smartphone.

Once downloaded, set up your account on your app, and it will then prompt you with further steps to add the device.

The Arlo essential camera needs to be charged first. To start ahead with the task, open the micro USB charging port cover on the camera.

Afterward, connect the provided micro USB cable to the camera. You must also connect the other end to a USB charging source or an AC power adaptor.

The battery will get automatically charged from here on. Wait for the blue LED light, as that confirms the full charge to the Arlo essential camera.

Step 2. Syncing the device

Your device comes in a ‘Shut down mode’ to reduce the battery charge before installation.

Wake the camera by pressing the SYNC button at the device’s bottom. Once you press it for 1-2 seconds, the camera will wake up with an LED light flashing blue.

Add the device to the Arlo app by following the provided instructions. Please ensure to recharge the battery before starting ahead with the process or the device will not respond. The LED light on the camera signifies its charging, syncing with Wi-Fi and firmware updates.

  • Slow blinking blue: The camera is about to get paired with a WiFi network.
  • Fast blinking blue: The camera is successfully paired with a WiFi network.
  • Blinking amber: The camera is out of range with a WIFI network, a connection error occurred during the pairing process, or the battery charge percentage is too low (15% or less).
  • Alternating blue and amber: The device is undergoing a firmware update.

The camera can then be connected to the Home WIFI network by simply following the Arlo app’s instructions. Refer to the LED light status details above to confirm a secured and successful connection.

Step 3. Mounting the camera to the desired location

You now need to decide upon the desired location for its placement. Check for a spot that offers the complete field of view according to your needs and preferences.

Moreover, do ensure that the location is supported by strong Wi-Fi coverage with your home network.

You can check for the Wi-Fi connectivity and related aspects right on the Arlo app. Afterward, proceed ahead with the mounting of the Arlo essential camera by following the provided steps.

  • Position the mount and tighten it with the provided screws in the package. Use drywall anchors when and wherever required.
  • Carefully attach the camera to the mount by positioning the camera to the two mounting holes (rear and bottom part)
  • Swivel and tilt the device according to your security requirements.
  • Your Arlo essential camera is successfully set

Step 4. Testing the camera

It is always recommended to check and test all the features and controls of the camera beforehand. To proceed, tap on the Arlo app and go to Settings >My devices > Select camera>Device utilities> Motion detection test.

Once done, make random movements around the camera. Check whether the LED light on the device is blinking amber. You can now shift the slider on the app to change the motion sensitivity levels.

This comes as a default setting in the camera. Hence, you have to change it according to your needs and preferences after the motion detection test.

Additionally, change the camera’s angle and position to secure the desired results with motion detection and other features.

The camera positioning feature can opt if the device is not recording, streaming, or detecting any motion. During Camera positioning, the device streams the video as fast as possible without buffering issues.

The changes can be made while using the Arlo app on your smart device by following the below steps:

Settings >My Devices>Device utilities> Camera positioning

The device can be armed or disarmed for the motion detection features accordingly.

Bottomline for How to set up Arlo’s essential camera

The process of setting up Arlo’s essential camera is relatively straightforward. Just get yourself accustomed to all of its basic controls and features.

If you face any issues during the connection process, refer to the user manual or call the Arlo customer support team.

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