How to Use Go Pro Fusion?

How To Use Go Pro FusionHow To Use Go Pro Fusion

How To Use Go Pro Fusion? – Overview

If you are a fan of 360-degree photography, GoPro Fusion is the action cam you must go with. Still, if you don’t know much about using GoPro Fusion, the tips and guidelines mentioned below are here to sort you out in the same respect.

When GoPro Fusion first entered the photography arena back in 2017, it created a rage among all action photography lovers. Right within no time, this gem of an action camera won millions of hearts with its exceptional performance and capabilities.

Still, before you put this masterpiece into play, you must learn about all its settings and features to get the desired results.

Recommended steps regarding how to use GoPro fusion

Step 1. Getting the right camera settings

The best part of using a GoPro Fusion is that you don’t need to scroll down its menus for minutes and hours to find a particular setting or feature. Just go with the voice navigation feature, and it will take care of the rest.

Hence, if you want to ask the camera to start or stop a recording, say – GoPro starts recording or stops Recording. This feature can help you scroll down the menu or switch to various shooting modes.

Hence, if you want to control other settings while making the desired adjustments, you can either download the Go Pro app on your smartphone or jump to step 2.

Step 2. Preparing the GoPro Fusion for first-time use

Before you jump on to any other feature or setting, set the time and date while scrolling down the SETTINGS menu. From there on, enable the Wi-Fi connectivity while entering into the submenu named CONNECT in the SETTINGS MENU.

Once you enter the screen, it will prompt you to turn on the wifi with the camera name and password. The details will be stored until you delete them; you only need to enter them once.

Step 3. Pair the camera with the GoPro app.

You can pair the fusion with the GoPro app in the same sub-menu named CONNECTS. Once you tap on it, it will allow you to connect to the GoPro app.

Now, head to the smartphone and launch the app on the device. Once done, you need to press the shutter button to let the devices get paired. You can navigate into almost every setting and feature of the GoPro fusion from the GoPro app.

Step 4. Getting GoPro Fusion ready to shoot 360-degree video

The GoPro Fusion is capable of shooting 360-degree videos in mainly two resolutions, i.e. 5.2k and 3k. When you shoot the same spherical video in 5.2k instead of 3k, you are technically using the action cam to its full potential.

Also, you can use the OVERCAPTURE feature of this camera in Full HD. If you are unaware of the OVERCAPTURE feature, it allows the fusion cam to pick a vantage point from any point in your 360-degree video to start preparing it in 1080p format resolution.

If you want to capture action sequences with the fusion cam, it is advisable to use a 3k resolution for a higher frame rate. Besides capturing smoother video clips, the 3k resolution will also allow you to playback the videos in slow motion.

Step 5. Getting the right GoPro fusion settings to shoot 360-degree photos

Now, once you set the GoPro Fusion to photo mode, you will see three capture modes to help you out with your photos – night, single, and burst.

SINGLE mode is the default mode, while the BURST mode is especially to capture the action sequences.

Conversely, the NIGHT mode is specifically featured to facilitate photos in low-light conditions. You can find all the modes in the SETTINGS menu with the help of the MODE button. You will find a small camera icon on the top menu, and from there, you can opt for NIGHT or BURST mode by simply pressing the shutter button.

Bottomline for How to use GoPro Fusion

The GoPro Fusion gives new dimensions to your photography aspirations with the revolutionary 360-degree video feature and many other stunning capabilities.

Still, you can refer to the steps and guidelines mentioned above regarding how to use GoPro Fusion in case of any issues. Also, check out this space for some more amazing information and updates regarding your favorite GoPro cams and accessories.

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